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No Running water!

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      I desperately need some frugal help- 8 weeks ago I opened the kitchen faucet and could get no water- tried the whole house- no water. To make a long story short I called a plumber and found out the house has a sand point not a well and that the pipe has a hole in it- it could not pump watre to the house so the water pump birned up and the pressure tank has developed a hole. The plumber said I need to have a well drilled and replace pump and pressure tank- cost 8,000.00 Went to several banks and can not get a loan- we make 29,500 for three people and this is too much to qualify for government assistance. At this point We have been 8 weeks without running water, any suggestiond would be appreciated! I need help! Thanks


        How deep is this sand point? Does it rain enough in your area to harvest rainwater? I was thinking you could collect the runoff from your roof and store it in a tank, with a small pump, pressure control, and an expansion tank. Instead of drilling a well.
        Depending on the water table, you might be able to hand dig a well. Any springs uphill?


          Thanks so much for your reply- we did contact another plumber and he was able to get us water without a new well. He did say that a new sandpoint should be driven at the very least and actually should have a well drilled for the best  results. As for how deep the current sandpoint is I am not sure. Your suggestion of collecting run off sounds like a much cheaper option!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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