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Obnoxious Cat at Vet

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      Hi all,
      This is my first time using this forum.  . . .  I have 3 cats.  The youngest is “Daisy” who is 3 years old.  Daisy seems like a fine, friendly, good natured cat at home.  She gets along fairly well with the other two (older) cats.  The problem is that, when we take her to the vet (e.g. to get her nails clipped), she turns into a screaming banshee.  She thrashes around, scratches, tries to bite, and is a real terror.  She has drawn blood on a number of very experienced veterinarians and assistants.  I would like to get her nails clipped occasionally and  take her to the vet for other reasons, but it is a nightmare.  Does anyone have any suggestions — for the vet or for us — on how Daisy can be “calmed down” for her vet visits ?  The only thing that’s helped so far has been giving her anesthesia, which I object to because of the dangers, costs, etc.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.  Thanks !



        Your Daisy must be related to my Max.  The vet refers to him as “Mad Max”!!  Ask your vet for a mild tranquilizer tablet and give it to Daisy about 45 minutes to an hour before you take her in.  I found that it really calms Max down – he doesn’t cry all the way to the vet’s office . Although he still hisses, swats and howls after he gets there, he doesn’t try to bite like he does without that pill.  The effects of the tranquilizer only last a few hours.

        Good luck!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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