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      I’m writing this in response to a prior entry regarding dog food and how to feed your dog cheaply.  If you would like to just keep your dog alive any dog food will do along with any table scraps.  I believe there is much miss information out there regarding what is healthy for our dogs and cats.  When looking for dog and cat foods look for the highest percentage of protein.  You will find the higher the protein the higher the price.  Cats are strict carnivores and dogs are primarily carnivores.  I also believe in feeding table scraps in the protein and fat family.  You can feed your pet the fat off of your steak and chicken skin.  My dog is on the BARF diet and when I watch her eat she goes for the fat first.  Bone marrow is all fat.  It is not bad for them unless they have a weight problem and the life span of animals does not allow arterial blockage to be a problem.  If you have heard that table scraps are bad for pets think about where that came from.  Your vet!  And who trained your Vet?  The pet food industry.  Think about this… What have dogs been eating for the last 10,000 years?  Alpo? No they have been eating table scraps and the BARF diet.
      My dog is in supreme health and my vet asked what I feed her.  I told him that she’s on the BARF diet and he was shocked.  He proceeded to lecture me on why it was bad and how I was not giving her all the nutrients she needed.  I asked him why he thought that she looked so healthy and that I never had to see him but for her annual shots.  He seemed perplexed but stuck to his guns.  He said dogs are living longer than they ever have due to scientific nutrition from the foods they eat.  I nodded in agreement, then asked him if he thought humans where living longer due to the advent of the Big Mac and obesity?  He got the point and had to catch his next appointment.  Animals, humans included should eat as natural a diet as possible.  Vegetables are not a natural part of the canine diet. Your grandfather fed his dog table scraps or the dog ran into the woods ate a squirrel, rabbit, or raided the chicken coup. When they found the guy frozen in the Alps for 4,000 years he was 40yrs old and had no tooth decay.  So back to the original topic feed your dog or cat table scraps and keep it as natural to what they would eat in the wild.  Racing Greyhounds are feed raw meat daily and if some kennel started winning all the races on Alpo they’d feed them Alpo.  Kennel owners would not incur the added expense if it did not pay of in performance.  So all of the cancers, allergies, tumors, and anal sac problems are a recent occurrence I believe caused by low grade feed.  So save on the food and pay the vet.  Hope this helps.


        This website is very helpful when looking for information on the pet food you are feeding your dog:

        My theory is that if you don’t pay now for decent food, you will pay for it later at the vet.  I agree…..a home cooked diet is a cheap way to go.

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