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Question on shredded paper

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      Hi all, I’m new here and this is my first post. I have 3 large kitchen bags of shredded paper. Is there a way to add something to it to make firelogs for my woodstove as a firestarter. Gee I hope I’m geting my point across. Maybe add homemade glue(water and flour) or something to make it stick together and then dry.


        Hello, This is my first post, also. We shred all mailings and private papers and use it to start the fire in woodstove. We shred it into plastic grocery bags (line the shredder basket with a bag before shredding). Put about 1/2 the contents of a grocery bag in the bottom of the stove, place a small piece of kindling on the paper and a log of wood on top. Light the paper and watch it burn!
        The paper burns very hot and allows more oxygen to circulate in the stove because it is not solid like wood. When the fire really gets going, add more logs.

        NOTE:We also use plastic grocery bags to line our wastebaskets as there is no recycling plan for them in our area and it keeps us from having to use trash bags.


          I don’t know about using shreds, as I think it would be messy and send bits of burning embers–I send my shredded paper to the Michigan Humane Society, where they use it to line cages.  I do remember seeing a method to make fire logs out of sheets of newspaper, but I don’t have it on hand.  You stacked the sheets of newsprint and rolled it up, tied the roll with twine, then soaked the log in soapy water and set aside to dry.  This process compressed the papers together and made for a longer-burning log.


            We have used shredded paper for years to start fires in our  woodstove. As it is enclosed and the pipes are kept clean, embers (if there were any) would  not be an issue. There is no mess or perhaps we are unusually tidy and this might be an issue for some. We have wooded acreage and trees will naturally fall or die so wood is plentiful for us.

            We share our newspapers with neighbors so that everyone has access to the paper without having to pay for a costly subscription.

            We do not have many options for recycling in our part of the country and no humane society in our area. The nearest animal shelter (50 miles away) prefers new blankets for their animals. Thank you so much for your care for animals and donating your shreds to your Humane Society where they are able to make good use of them.


              If you have a child in Elementary school then ask if there is a teacher that has pocket pets (Gerbils, hamsters, mice)in their classroom.  The shredded paper can be used in the cages for bedding for the pocket pets or put the shreds in your compost pile (as long as it is not the glossy paper).  I have been known to put whole sheets of newspaper underneath the mulch around my roses.  The worms eat up the paper and the roses get the benefit of there waste.  To me that is a win win situation.


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