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      First of all you should not be using hand lotion on your face. I am not sure what brand would be the best, but when it comes to face and hand lotion, you get what you pay for. I use both cetaphil and oil of olay. I like the cetaphil because it has a SPF15 in it. Now I don ‘t mean that the $30-50 bottles of cream are the best. But you should be able to get a good facial cream for about $8-10 and that is not on sale.


        I hear a lot of people say that Vaseline is the best for hands and face.  Talk about cheap!!


          Vaseline retains mositure.  It does not work like hand creame.  So if you put it on your hands wear COTTON gloves or socks, only.  Do it at night when you sleep and you shoud have very soft hands in the morning.  If you put it on your face it shines so you can only use it when you aren’t going out or have company unless you don’t mind the look.

          Drink water or eat foods rich in water to ensure you have enough liquid in your body.  They say drink 8 glasses of water a day but that is for big and tall people.  If you are tiny ask your Doctor how much you need.  You can die from drinking too much water so be careful.  
          Also stay out of the wind and wear a Hat when it is cold.  Add Moisture to the air when heating your home to prevent some of your dry skin.  


            I have a preference to Queen Helene’s Cocoa Butter.  I get mine at Family Dollar for $2 or so, but I’ve also found other brands at dollar stores.  Just a hint though, make sure you smell them first and make sure it is mostly cocoa butter and not just some added.  It should have a creamy nutty smell, you know, like tanning oil.  

            Cocoa butter has natural ingredients to help prevent wrinkles, stretch marks (for those who are pregnant).  I’ve

            I use Queen Helene’s for face, hands, feet and body.  I’ve even been known to use it as hair moisturizer during the winter.  Just  apply a dab to hair and scalp, leave in for a few hours or overnight (cover your head so you don’t get your pillow and bedding greasy) and shampoo and condition.


              My dad loves corn huskers lotion. He has very dry hands.


                I use a salt scrub on my face daily and I never have dry skin. I use no makeup and it stays nice all day. The salt scrub gets all the dead cells off.  I use topping sea salt and about 5 drops of peppermint oil in a cup. It is great.

                You  might want to try it instead of using a lotion.


                  Sometimes more expensive lotions turn out to be cheaper in the long run because you don’t have to use as much each time.  The less water a lotion contains, the less you have to use.  I have lotion from Clinique that cost about $35, but I’ve had it for about a year and there is still half a bottle left.


                    I have chronically dry, dry hands, and I have to admit that I’m a smoker and go outside about ten times a day in the winter to smoke, but still, every year I experiment with at least 2 or 3 new brands and nothing seems to give me silky soft hands.  I try B & Body Works, Crabtree & Evelyn (because I like to go ‘natural’ on most things), and this year I even threw in the towel and just bought a $6 bottle of Olay hand lotion.  Things work for a while, and then they somehow stop working.  The only slightly helpful thing I’ve found is to exfoliate my hands with any kind of scrub as often as I remember (about once a week).  
                    Does anyone use those overnight gloves with a particular lotion, and is it effective?  I don’t use Vaseline because I”m pretty sure it is a toxin.  
                    Also, I drink water constantly all day long, so I know that’s not the problem.  
                    Any help?

                    Forgot to mention — I’m going very “green” these days, and I am starting to think that the overall quality of my skin has to do not just with smoking but with the soaps/body washes I use.  It’s amazing how even the ‘good’/’natural’ brands can have all sorts of toxins that will easily absorb into your skin.  I’m switching to Dr. Bronner’s as soon as I receive my order, because it is a certified USDA Organic brand.

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