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      Baking Soda and ÝVinegar clean drains when mixed. ÝAdd hot water after it stops foaming. ÝBaking Soda replaces powder cleaners for the tub and Vinegar clears out hard water and some rust marks. ÝAnd if you use Vinegar (let sit 3 minutes then rinse and dry) and then Peroxide (let sit 3 minutes then rinse dry) you will sanitize your counters. ÝVinegar is also a great natural wash for vegetables. ÝAnd there are tons of natural products that are cheaper and better (nontoxic). Heck you can use corn starch to clean things (I think even windows) and vinegar mixed with water works wonders on windows.  


        I use Bi-o-Kleen’s cleaner / degreaser for everything except windows and laundry. It’s really economical when you buy it in bulk, and it works better than other cleaners I’ve used. I use it in various dilutions for everything from produce to my Floormate.

        Their premium laundry soap is also a steal @ 18 cents or less per load and it has an oxygen cleaner in it so you never need additives. I use only half the scoop for permanent press, too, so that saves!

        Vinegar & water for windows, of course, as CSinbad mentioned!


          Does anyone know of any natural steam cleaning solution?

          I appreciate any info…


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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