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Repelling Flies Naturally

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      I have a friend that has two dogs that use the backyard for their waste elimination.  My friend always scoops the mess up but there may be some residual left that he can’t see to remove.

      His problems is, that during the summer time he and the wife like to use their yard most evenings but the flies seem to be really agressive to the point of becoming very bothersome.

      Do any of you know a way to remove or discourage the fly invasion he is experiencing without using harsh chemicals?




        What about Garlic Barrier?  We’ve used it to repel deer and bugs in our garden and yard.  It lists flies as one of the things it repels.  You could email from a site that sells it and ask specifically:



          I swear by garlic barrier, but another thing that would help would be to take a bucket of water and “wash” off the area where the dog deficated or urinated to help dilute it.  Your friends could also make a tea tree spritz to put on themselves when they go outside.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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