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Slow running cold water in washing machine

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    I agree that your screen could be clogged but if you’ve checked and that’s not the issue, there is a good chance you’ll need to replace the water inlet valve. I’m not sure what your model is so I can’t be too specific, but if you head over to and put your model # in, you should be able to find the part you need as well as a video and step-by-step directions to help you solve the problem. This is just an example and might not be suitable for your washer, but other people solved the save problem you’re having by replacing this valve – check out the comments on there. Hope this is helpful.


    The advice i read in here and followed WORKED…. save me money im most sure of calling someone to do it , if they would even have been honest as to just telling me its the filter in cold water hose. thanx all xo


    What can I do about slow running water in the wash machine?  It seems to happen only when I am running the cold water.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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