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Smelly roof vents, is this normal????

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      We have a mobile home out here in the country and on certain days the oder from the roof sewer vents covers the area around the house.

      We are in a sorta bowl you could say, surrounded by trees, sorta cuts into the cross breezes. I’m figuring that must be why we have the oder hanging around, I raised the vent stacks higher, in hopes of allowing the oder to be carried away easier, a total of about 2 feet off the roof.

      Still no luck, we have a septic system, it’s 4 years old, pumped every two years, what can we do to cut back on the oder? Without having to cut the trees down to get a better cross breeze, some of the trees are 80 feet tall, this of course is what I’m assuming is the cause of the problems??

      The guy who pumped the tank told us that was normal, seeing as how we are set-up here in the woods, he said your in a bowl of trees, and when you get a breeze it just sorta swirls the wind around and carries the oder all over the place.

      Any ideas, or does that sound about right?? The vents are all clear, no plumbing problems that we could find. What should i do? Extend the roof vents? I’d hate to have 80 foot roof vents on my house.:):):)


        We live in a mobile home in the woods and had a similar problem a couple of years ago.  Several neighbors suggested we stop using antibacterial soaps, and reduce use of toilet bowl cleaners and chlorine bleach because they all kill the anaerobic microbes that work in your septic tank.  They also told us to put one tablespoon of “baking” yeast down the toilet each month to feed the anaerobic microbes.  After adding the yeast for several months we stopped having the odor.  This is a very inexpensive solution.  Hope this help you, too.



          The last reply should have said to add one tablespoon of yeast to the tloilet each month.  Sorry for the misspell.



            Thanks for the tip Pam, I have now started to add that every week, I have heard about that before but didn’t figure it would really work.

            I have been doing it since I seen your post, about two weeks and so far the smell has decreased, if not gone completely, I don’t know if it works that fast but so far it seems to have worked great!!
            Thank you for posting

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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