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      I’m getting ready to move to a new house (where we’ll have room in the garage to separate recycleables) and I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas for organizing glass, aluminum, plastics, etc. I want something inexpensive that doesn’t take up too much room!


        Get some of those storage containers that stack and have lids. Put Newspaper in the bottom as I would think they would b the heaviest item.  Or better yet get those containers that are bins and lock together.  I think they hold potatoes, onions and the like in your kitchen.  They have an opening at the front for easy removal and placement.  If I recall correctly they have holes through out for air flow so I would put some strong bags inside that don’t break easily.  Or another container.  

        You might want to get a small garbage can for each recyclable category, (A larger one if you have a greater quantity of one type of recyclable item.) Store them side by side with bags inside to hold the items.  This keeps the cans clean and you can easily remove the items then.  Don’t forget to clean out the items you are recycling.  Otherwise you will have an odor and possible pest problems.  I used a garbage can to hold aluminum cans in until I was ready to take them to the recycling center. I kept it on my back porch and covered it with a pretty old sheet.  (You could make a cupboard around them to hide them or something else.)  


          I use one of those in-expensive 3 tier wire racks.  Paper in one, plastic in another, and I split the final shelf between glass and metal.  This gives them a chance to air dry after rinsed, before bagging for recycler.

          When a shelf is full, I then bag into plastic grocery bags and toss in a pile.  When I can’t stand the pile any longer, I haul it to the recyclers.

          I have used this system for several years and have been happy with it.  The small size of the collector rack fits neetly in a corner of my kitchen.  By rinsing them, I’ve never had a single bug problem either!


            I saw a Target ad today in the Sunday paper (Jan. 26, 2003).  It has some racks that can hook together.  They resemble several milk crates put together on their side with the opening facing out ward.  This might also work.  Let us know if you like any of our suggestions and what you actually end up using for recycling.


              I would imagine that after moving into a new home you will have several empty boxes around. :)


                Hi :
                 I use a large trash can with a lid. It may have been meant to be a laundry bin since it has holes in the sides.  Although I wash my recycles before putting in the bin, I still like they to have some air.  When it is full, I sort it and take it to the recycling. I live alone, but if you have more than one in your family, you could have a trash can for each recyclable.  I also bought the large rolling trash cans on sale at Wal-Mart for $9.99 one year. I gave them to my daughter as they have 3 in their family.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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