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Storage Tips for the Bedroom

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      The bedroom should be the most relaxing, safe haven in the house, but unfortunately, it is often a place of chaos and clutter. Many times this room ends up being the catch-all room for things that have no other place to be stored. It's also usually a room that is out of view of public traffic, so clutter and disorganization often reign, simply for lack of more storage space.

      There are ways to get more out of the space that already exists in your bedroom, if you only take a few minutes to think through what you can easily do. One of the most unused spaces in most bedrooms is right under your bed. Instead of tossing any and everything under there, or letting the dust settle there, why not create a really organized storage area? You'll be surprised at how much you can get under your bed and still keep it neat.

      There are several ways that you can organize under your bed. First, you can simply find some cheap boxes that will fit under your bed frame. Collect all the stuff in your room that doesn't have a place and put it in your boxes, then shove them under the bed. While this does the job of getting clutter out of the way, it is hard to really organize everything and have it at your fingertips when you need it.

      One of the best ways to use your empty under bed space is to purchase some drawers that are made specifically for storage under beds. You can find several types. Some have rollers, while other are made simply to glide along the floor to fit neatly under the bed. What type you choose will also be determined by whether or not you want the drawers to show or if you're going to hide them under a bed skirt.

      There are some quality wooden beds with rollers that look quite nice under many types of beds. You can even find some that match your bed color and wood grain. These are a bit pricier than cheaper plastic or textile drawers that also can do the job, if you don't want to spend much. You can use four or six drawers for storage under your bed, depending on the size of your bed frame. Simply organizing all the extra items in your room and putting them in neatly separated drawers can provide you with lots of storage space right under bed, to create a sort of storage bed without buying a new one!

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