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The Most Common Causes for Furniture Damage

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      Hello everybody today I'm going to share with you important information about what causes furniture damage, first of all keep in mind that your furniture will be subject to spit-up, spills, crayons, and even shoes being worn on your couch. These are the most common causes for damage. This makes it highly important to choose spill and tear resistant upholstery. Some of the more popular choices include:

      * Leather: Leather has been a popular choice for many families. As leather is spill resistant and harder to rip than cotton fabrics, most leather furniture will stay looking great for years.

      * Sensuede: Sensuede is a man-made fabric made from recycled fibers. It is easy to clean, supple, and comfortable.

      * Crypton: Crypton is an extremely stain resistant fabric that was originally intended for hospitals, restaurants, and public areas.
      Recently interior designers have brought this fabric into homes for use where the stain resistant and antibacterial properties of the fabric would be useful.

      * Microfiber: The tight -knit weave of microfiber creates an upholstery that is highly stain resistant while offering a comfortable seating area.

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