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Ugly Mirrors

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      I just rented an apartment where the tenant before me had stuck those tacky self stick tile mirrors all over the place, some in very odd spots. They are starting to get that black ugly edge around them that just does not work with my decor, or anyone else’s I don’t imagine. My dilemma is removing them without tearing a hole in the drywall. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get these awful things off my walls without being charged a repair fee by my landlady?


        Have you approached your landlady about the mirrors?  The general gist I get from your email is they are in odd spots, don’t go with any decor and nobody likes them.  If I’m not mistaken your landlady probably feels the same way.  Maybe if you offer to do the work to take them down she might buy the supplies to patch the holes.  If not maybe there is some other agreement you two can come to on the mirrors.


        The only other suggestion is a hair dryer and a putty knife.  Heat up the sticky pads and gently scrape them off the wall with the putty knife…


          I think I would paint them.  If they are seldom touched then most paint will do, otherwise a paint just for glass.  Flowers, your family members favorite words, spashes of color, whatever!  Make it fun.



            To remove the mirrors:  Use a long piece of thin wire, slip it behind the mirror, (holding it on both ends with the middle behind the mirror)and “saw” back and forth.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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