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wedding ideas

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      ???  I’m new to this message board but wanted to give a little advice to someone looking for frugal wedding ideas.  One I used would be appropriate for petite brides.  I wanted a full-length dress, but at 4’11” (I wish!), everything in normal sizes overwhelmed me and was expensive to alter.  One saleswoman suggested a “tea” length dress and found one that was supposed to be just below the knee in front and floor length in back.  On me, it was floor length in front with a small “train” in back.  It was perfect and much, much cheaper than anything else I had looked at.  Because I have small feet, I wore little girl dress shoes (size 3).  I carried a small bouquet of silk flowers–a large one would have overwhelmed me.  

      I called several photographers until I found one in my hometown 1 1/2 hours away who was willing to come that afternoon and still charge less than anyone local.  A few years before a student had made a photo album for me which I used instead of an overpriced album from the photo studio.

      Our church offered printed programs at no extra charge.  Mom and I made the bird seed bags.  She also crocheted my garter, a basket for the seed bags, and several other objects.  My matron of honor chose her own outfit which she really could wear later (as I had  for her wedding).  Our reception was very simple; what I kept calling a “Baptist” reception–cake, punch (no alcohol allowed in the fellowship hall), mints, and nuts (all bought on sale at local stores).  A group of church ladies took care of the food details for a small donation.  I’ve also been to several weddings where friends and church members brought covered dishes for the reception.

      There are ways to pare down expenses.  You are just as married without all the extra money.  Besides, I’ve seen too many families spend a fortune on an elaborate wedding only to have the couple divorce just a few years later.  If the family wants to spend money on a young couple, wouldn’t it be better spent on something they need like a house, furniture, appliances, etc.?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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