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WetJet solution replacement for Hardwood Floors

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      I have hardwood maple floors that I clean with a Swifter wetjet.  I love the wetjet and am willing to pay for the pads just because they make cleaning so easy.  (With two small kids, I HAVE to mop daily)  However, I would like to find a replacement for the cleaning solutions.  Part of the problem is the bottle itself.  Has anyone heard of a refillable bottle that fits the wetjet?  



        Hi, I have harwood floors too.  We had the bottle type only it was a Butler brand.  We can only use vinegar and water on our wood floors.  That brand bottle can be filled with any solution you like.  I found it at a Bed Bath and Beyond.  Don’t know if they still sell it.  We had to switch to an original Swiffer with vinegar wet pads, because the bottle type didn’t go under our sofa to clean.  Hope you find something that works for you.


          Hi! Just like you, I have hardwood oak and cherrywood floors. Myself, I didn’t like the “Swiffer” cleaner ( it leaves streaks) but I did like the mop itself.  You can do what I did to “refill” the  bottle.  Take an icepick, heat it up by putting the metal part of the pick over an open flame. ( I used my gas stove, but you can use a BIC liter or what-have-you) Using the hot icepick, poke it through the top ( or bottom depending on how you look at it, I left it in the Swiffer mop, so I’m talking about the large,square part, not the tapered nozzle ) Keep heating and “melting” a corner of the bottle, making the hole big enough to fit a small funnel.   You can then use the funnel to fill the bottle with whatever cleaner you like. You will have to do some searching to find something that will fit inside the hole you made ( I found a cork that fits perfectly, my mom found a small rubber plug ) You don’t have to plug the hole, the Swiffer will work just like that, but if you don’t you can never lie it down or risk small objects falling into the bottle. Hope this works for you. If you have any questions, just email me.      


            How odd that I stumbled upon this just now … a friend this morning warned me about this product possibly being toxic to pets.  Please check into this, as you have kids … I don’t know the details, but it may be something you could look into for peace of mind.  I’ve never even HEARD of this product/system before today!  Weird.


              I just moved and have hardwood floors.   Was interested in these swift jets.  Problem is I had disposable items.   Just goes against my nature.   However I can use a micro cloth rather than the disposable cloths.   Now that brings me to the cleaning solution.    What is the recipe for the cleaning solution?   I heard vinegar and water what is the ratio.   Also are there any other suggestions?   I would think vinegar would hurt the finish.   Can someone enlighten me?   Thanks

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