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What are some of your frugal tips?

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      Was wondering what some of your frugal tips that you use in your everyday life.  I use coupons, keep my receipts and when something goes on sale I take my receipt to get the sale price, keep all lights off  when not  in the room.  Go on-line to get free items that I use and keep them when I go on vacation (personal items).  Put all my change in a change jar, take my lunch to work. Use only half a cap of laundry detergent, use cold water to wash, etc,.  I know these are just general frugal tips and have many more, but I was wondering what everyone else does to be frugal and your tips.  Thank you.


        Follow the 3 R’s  Reduce, Reuse and Redo/Recycle.  

        1. Reduce waste by buyng products that are economical and use the least amount of packaging.      2. Reuse items such as wrapping paper, plastic baggies and handiwrap, aluminum foil, coffee cans for storage and tin cans to start seedlings.
        3.  Redo/Recycle cards that you cut down and use as post cards, yarn that was in sweater that now is a baby’s hat and gloves and other such ideas.  

        I think that is what the 3 R’s stand.  Am I correct?  If not what are the 3 R’s? Any more ideas or suggestion?  I like this topic.  



          I put in floresent bulbs in our living room.
          I make my own laundry soap.. buying the ingreditents when their on sale.:-)
          I never buy paper towels.. p-plates or cups.
          I like taking my ironstone dishes on picnics :-)
          I make my own kitchen cleaners too.. really easy :-)

          I turned off our old freezer too.. it was about empty anyway.. I think a new smaller one would be more effienct in the furture.

          I can’t think of any others right now..
          I’ll write more if I can think of them :-)


            My sister makes cleaning towels from old T-shirts, sheets and towels to use instead of paper towels.  My sister hems them so they don’t fray and can be washed and reused.  I use a timer on my water heater which has been saving me a lot more than I thought it would.  I put curtains on the outside of my bay window.  I did this to prevent the sun from hitting the glass and heating it then letting the heat enter my home during the summer here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In the winter I block air holes ad put heavy duty inslated curtains on the inside.  I open the curtains when the sun hits the glass (during the morning at my home) and close them when it moves away.  I hang my clothes on racks inside the house to dry them.  One load fits my large rack and a smaller one.  I do one load a day and then iron his shirts and pants while they are damp so I don’t have to use the steam setting as often.  I usually use a dobbie pad (scrubber) and water to clean.

             I santize surfaces first with either perioxide or vinegar.  I let each sit 1-2 minutes before removing them then rinising with water.  I never mix them because of the reaction they could cause together.  What are your formulas for clothes soap and your cleaning products?        


              I use a standard spray bottle from the dollar store.. I add about 3/4 cup of vinegar.. 1/4 cup of bleach.. and fill the rest with water.. I use it from eveything to the counters.. stove top.. and even the floors.

              Also a great window cleaner is about 1 T of cornstartch added to a gallon of water.. with a ragwipe down the windows.. and then dry with anothe soft cloth or newspaper.. Leaves a great shine and NO streaks !

              I’m enjoying this post :-)


                I’m new to saving and still learning how to be frugal.  What I have been doing is selling my piles of junks on ebay.   :)
                I buy only what I NEED (I used to be confuse with Need & Want) ??? but got that straighten out now.  Cook more at home, eating out less.  I also shop at ALDI, you can get so much with little money there  :D  I also shop on ebay, its cheaper there.

                Anyone with more tips/advice, please post them.   I need to learn all I can  :-/


                  You should get a timer on your water heater.  Have it turn on 1/2 hour before you need hot water.  Put a water heater blanket on it.  I use a regular sheet on my heater and added a few towels to retain the heat.  This could cause a fire if you don’t cover it right so be careful or buy the real thing.  I live in an apartment so I started turning off the circuit breaker.  I wouldn’t recommend that if you own the home as you will have to replace the circuit box sooner because you switch it on and off.  I only turn it on a few hours a day.  I saved money on  my electric bill this summer and hope to do the same this winter.  


                    I’m new here beginning today, but not new to frugality. That’s a blessing, since my husband died unexpectedly not quite four months ago.

                    I not only lost my best friend and beloved companion of almost 40 years, but the primary wage earner as well. Our 15-year-old grandson lives with us, and is disabled. So, medical bills are our major problem right now (both those associated with my husband’s illness and death, and those of my grandson’s).

                    However, we’d spent the previous five years learning to live frugally, although it was easier with two of us. My situation has changed, so I’m having to come up with new ideas appropriate for a “single grandma.” For instance, now I don’t always have the time to do things from scratch as I did before.

                    I’m looking forward to sharing tips and support with the rest of you. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more.


                      I have two tips.
                      First a fantastic recipe for window cleaner.
                      In a non-reactive bowl, combine 1/2c. Rubbing Alchohol. 1/2c Amonia,(non-sudsing)
                      1/2c Water. Pour into an old Windex or other spray bottle. If you care to, add a drop of blue food color.
                      Spray on windows , mirrors, glass table tops, and wipe off with newspaper, Things shine like you wouldn’t believe! If you don’t want the ink on your hands, wear rubber gloves.

                      Always weigh bagged produce. Recently a local supermarket had appled on sale 3# bags for 99 cents.
                      I gathered up 4 bags, went to the scale & weighed them.
                      Three bags held 3.25#, the other, 3.5#, so I got 1.25# free, and free is VERY good.
                      Blessings, GrammaJ


                        Quit going out to eat
                        The more prepared your food is the more it costs.  Quit buying frozen and convience meals.
                        Hang your laundry out to dry. They will even dry in the winter. Our Grandmothers and great grandmothers did it.


                          When I make meals, I make two batches on occasion and freeze one.  When I make cookies, I always make two batches and flash freeze one batch. Then when the oven is on for something else, I can take out a dozen cookies and bake them along with dinner.

                          I use half of what is recommended for shampoo. I stopped using makeup other than mascara.  I don’t use hair products other than a little hair spray.  Don’t color my hair anymore. I’ve earned the gray ones.

                          We wear our jeans and slacks twice before washing. DH wears his work T’s twice also.  Also use our towels for a week before washing them.  We have a separate small miracle towel for our hair.

                          We got married and had a sit down dinner and drinks for 70 people and did the whole thing for under $2200.00. I had a suit that I bought on clearance for $15.00, I made the bouquets and bouts. I had a wreath bouquet and it is now on our door.  DH and BM wore suits they had.  We hosted the rehearsal dinner and a wedding day breakfast for 15 people in that price also.

                          I use hot water and tea tree oil in a spray bottle to clean surfaces.  I don’t make my own laundry detergent because it just isn’t worth it. Too much hassle when I can buy 200oz for $2.00 on sale.  I make my own bath salts and salt scrubs.

                          I only use coupons on products that I normally buy. Just because it is a ‘new’ product or a buy one get one offer, doesn’t mean it is a good deal.  I rebate on things I use only, not just because it will only cost me $.37 in the end.  Already have too much clutter.

                          I don’t give a Christmas or birthday gift just because someone gave me one. I don’t do the secret spook or secret santa thing at work.  I don’t feel guilt for saying no to all of the items coworkers sell for their kids at work.  Most of that is not a good deal.

                          I get my calendars free at church, the bank, etc.  I buy my stamps through the mail. Not a frugal step but a time saving one.  

                          We do not have long distance on our phone but have a phone card for .03/minute.

                          I am sure there are more things…



                            Cook 2 or 3 meals at once (depending on oven size).  For instance last night  made barbecue pork and chicken.  Be careful to put food that takes longer in first.  Last week I made a stuffed chicken (make soup and sandwiches from leftovers) and lasagna (freeze extras for another meal).  You could cook a roast and used left overs for sandwiches and soup.

                            After cooking the main meal I use leftovers to make casseroles and other meal thoughout the week.  


                              I am 51 years old and in debt. I did not want to work full time because of health problems and wanting to enjoy life. (I spent 21 years raising a disabled child who is now in a group home)
                              To reduce my debt I moved into an older travel trailer which I bought for 3,000. I am living at a campground
                              and pay a monthly rate of  $265. 00. That includes rent, water, utilities and satellite.
                              Although to many what I am doing sounds extreme, it has allowed me to pay my debts off faster. My goal ois to become debt free and buy a motorhome to travel around the country.
                              For income I do home Health and ebay…


                                I dry my clothes for just ten minutes – to get the majority of wrinkles out – then I place then on hangers to finish drying.  This greatly extends the life of my clothes and reduces my electric bill significantly.



                                  Renee writes:
                                  Put all my change in a change jar

                                  At first glance, this sounds like a great idea. But, a friend of mine saved change for a year or more in a commercial mayo jar and then someone took the whole thing! I guess it’s too much temptation.

                                  What do I do? I bought a change purse, fairly large and put my change in there. I spend my change as I go. When I check out at the supermarket I’ll hold a handful of
                                  change ready, so that when the cashier tells me how much, I’ll have the change(or pennies) ready. Things I buy on a regular basis, such as the Sunday paper, which is $1.50, I have the correct amount for the cashier as I check out. On a regular basis I have been known to give her 50 pennies! She’s pleased to get them.

                                  Before someone comments that they hate to be behind someone who does this, let me say that if I have a line
                                  behind me I do NOTHING to hold up the line. I can pay with change a lot faster than some of you can write a  check!

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