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Where can i leave my cat????

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      i am going on a 1-2 weeks vacation…all of my friend and family are on some kind of trip too so their is no one to take care of my cat during July4th….where can i leave for about a week or so at a low cost the vet, pound….somewhere safe so when i come back its still there for me to pick up and bring a bac home after vacation????…Please HELP …..thanks i live in Marietta, ga


        Try your local vets first. Leaving it at an animal shelter is not a great idea. I work for a shelter and with the limited amount of space, he could be taking up room that another homeless animal desperately needs. Also, most shelters require you ti relinquish ownership of the animal, meaning that it could be placed up for adoption or euthanised if space dictates. There are also boarding facilities in the area. There is one in Barrow County called Winding Creek that I hear is pretty good. There are also a few in Athens, check out and tell them that Katie sent you, or you can check your yellow pages for “Pet Boarding” or “kennels”. I hope this helps.


          Do not leave it at the pound!!  Find a local vets to board it at. IF you dont have one, you can find on in Jax. FL.
           I use Julington Creek Animal Walk. They are great. the url for the site is:

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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