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      During my recent honeymoon I had a violent allergic reaction to the laundry detergent used by the hotel. It turned out to be WINDFRESH sold by Sam’s. Since returning I have learned that a student science project that was designed to find out if different detergents have different levels of cleaning discovered that Windfresh doesn’t get your clothes clean either.  I would think twice before reccomending this product to anyone. I have never had a severe reaction to any detergent before…what is in that stuff??


        You might be surprised at what’s in all detergents.

        Grocery store brand detergents are loaded with fillers and caustic chemicals that  can cause clothes to wear out faster and leave residues that can irritate your skin.  When you are sweating, those chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream.

        We switched to natural detergents back in the early 80’s and have never gone back.  Our favorite choice because it is so multi-functional in our home is Sunshine Concentrate.  My husband used to have breakouts under his armpits for years and never thought of the detergent until we switched for other health reasons and the problem went away as soon as the clothing washed with the chemicals were put in the laundry bin.

        A GRAND result of all of this is that our clothes don’t fade and wear out like they did with regular detergents.  It’s so exciting to be able to keep my favorites looking good so much longer.  We’ve been able to reduce our clothing budget for each of us to $300 a year and we still feel guilty shopping because the only thing that really wears out are the pants that are a bit long and fray at the bottom.

        When we had children’s clothes it was nice to be able to pass them on still being able to be used again.

        Here’s the one we use:

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