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 Q. We live in Tennessee, and every year about this time we get ladybugs coming in our closed windows on the sunny side of the house in the mid-afternoon. They don’t really do any harm, but I end up with dead ladybugs all over the window ledges, floor and live ones crawling on the ceiling (probably around 100 bugs total each day).  I would rather my 1 yr old twins not eat dead ladybugs off the floor before I can get to them with the vacuum (the twins’ room is on that side of the house.)  Do your readers know of any way to keep them outside where they can do some good? Thanks, –Betsy

Try burning a Lemon scented candle, have been told this works.

I live in Kentucky and have the same problem with the ladybugs. However I have noticed they seem to like lighter colors such as white and pail green. The darker the color the less likely they are to come in. So I know this may sound crazy but if you take a black trash bag and put it over the windows they seem to come in most often or dark drapes you should see a decrease in the amount coming in. Hope I helped.

We also have lady bugs.  We have found that the best way to get rid of them is to set of flea bombs on each floor of our house.  Please read the directions on the box.  You have to leave for 2-3 hours when you do this.  I don’t open my kitchen cupboards like it says though.  This also gets rid of spiders in the basement!

I have heard that those bugs (box elder bugs?  Halloween bugs?) don’t like vinegar.  So a cheap experiment would be to try spraying vinegar around your doors and window frames.

We have multitudes of ladybugs here in Central IL.  These are not the cute little red and black ladybugs, they are orange and black.  I think they are Asian lady bugs.  And they do bite!   They can crawl through the smallest crevice to get inside.  They fly past the ceiling fans and get caught in the draft and fall into our food.  They dive bomb us when we are in bed.  You have to "sweep " out the bed at night to get rid of unwelcome visitors.  No, they do not get rid of the spiders..  They are inside the window frames.  If for some reason you raise a window, you will have 1000’s drop down from the inside track of the window.  Reminds me of bees the way they all pile on top of one another.  You can vacuum them up, but then you need to empty the vacuum immediately. Anxiously awaiting a response to what to do with ladybugs….. Thank You – Kay

The following content provided by the Ladybug Lady:

Q. Why do ladybugs come into my house in the winter time?
A. Ladybugs are attracted to the light colored houses. Especially, homes that have a clear southwestern sun exposure. Older homes tend to experience more problem with aggregations due to lack of adequate insulation. The ladybugs come in through small cracks around windows, door ways and under clap boards. They want to hibernate in a warm, comfortable spot over the cold months of winter. Ladybugs gather in groups when they hibernate, so if you see one, you can be sure more will follow. The best way to keep them out is to repair damaged clap boards, window and door trim and to caulk small cracks.

Q. Once the ladybugs are in my house, will they eat anything?
A. No. Ladybugs don’t eat fabric, plants, paper or any other household items. They like to eat APHIDS. Aphids are very small, but very destructive pest that feed on plants. (If you have rose bushes, you have probably seen aphids.) Ladybugs, while trying to hibernate in your house, live off of their own body fats. They, also, prefer a little humidity. But our homes are usually not very humid during the winter. In fact, they are rather dry causing most of your ladybug guests to die from dehydration. Occasionally, you might witness a ladybug in your bathroom getting a drink of water. Now, that’s a smart lady!

Q. How can I get them out of my house?
A. If you don’t have a lot, just leave them. They will leave when spring arrives. Disturbing them will only cause them to stress out leaving yellow markings on your walls. The yellow stuff, you see, is not waste matter, but rather, their blood. Ladybugs release a small amount of their blood which is yellow and smells, when they sense danger. Some people have said that it does stain on light colored surfaces.

Q. But, I really want the ladybugs out of my house!
A. Use a "shop vacuum". This type of vacuum is easy to use for collect ladybugs. When using this to vacuum up ladybugs, use a clean bag or pad the bottom with a cloth. After all is clean, release the unwelcome guests outside.

Q. Is there anything else I can use to get the ladybugs out of my house?
A. Yes. There is a product called a Ladybug Black Light Trap. It uses radiating black light to attract and contain the ladybugs.

For more detailed information on ladybugs, visit the Ladybug Lady’s website.

12 thoughts on “Lady Bugs

  1. danielle says:

    So if I leave a swarm of ladybugs in the corner of my room will they move around when I turn the heat on during winter cause right now they are in the corner were the vent is my kids love them and I don’t mind that they are there but when they built our house the first summer we had fruit looking fly’s show up and it went from one room two another and at first we had it under control but we went away and came back and the walls were covered in them we lottery had to vacume them off some the other comment I read said that they will come back and they leave there sent so what should I do

  2. Carol says:

    i always get at least one lady bug that decides to stay in my house all-winter so i just let it stay…it doesnt do any harm whatsoever to anything…

    • TheFrugalLife
      TheFrugalLife says:

      Good for you! After all, if we want their help in the summer it is only fitting to let them have a nice place in the winter since they are doing no harm or increasing exponentially like fruit flys do or even gnats.

  3. Savannah says:

    I have ladybugs come in my bathroom alot and when I go in there, most of them are on their backs so I assumed that they were dead but one day I decided to watch one and it was one that had been there for like a month or so, anyway, all of a sudden it started moving and tried to flip back over. Why do they do that, like go for long periods of time without moving but all of a sudden come back to life.

  4. Krystal says:

    Japanese Asian Ladybeetles are different from Ladybugs. The JAL’s bite and it HURTS! I’ve been woken up multiple times in the middle of the night being bitten by them. Three years ago when we first noticed them, we let it go. I really wish we hadn’t because now we are infested!!! I recently went into our storage room that isn’t used frequently and there were about 1,000 of them lying on the floor and on our plastic storage containers with more flying around.

    I would highly recommend that you do NOT allow them to stay in your home if there is just a few of them because next year there will be more and eventually you’ll be dealing with an infested house. You’ll be bitten, you children will be bitten. They’re not harmless! We need bees and I like bees, but I wouldn’t let them have a hive in my home.

    So if you see only ONE, get rid of it. And I guarantee you that there is NEVER JUST ONE!!! BTW, we are in Western Kentucky and many people who use to think that they were harmless no longer feel that way.

    • Rhonda Lance says:

      Krystal my name is Rhonda and I live in NE GA and I have the same problem, and you’re right they DO Bite. When you open the doors they just swarm in. Any suggestions on an aresol spray to use. Any thing would be GREATLY APPRECIATED

  5. Raeanne says:

    I have them coming in my office window and they end up dying, I have so many dead lady bugs on my window sill.
    Is there anything I can do, so they do not die?

  6. Calvin says:

    I live in Southwest Michigan. Every spring our house gets invaded because we are surrounded by farms. Is there anything that actually repels these things? They’re the Asian sort. Looking for something long term. I can’t just constantly have candles burning, I need to leave the house from time to time, lol.

  7. Letitia Wallis says:

    I hate these critters! They show up once the warm weather starts, & seem to really like my house! The least harmful method I use is to fill a jar with a little Mr. Clean, fill it halfway with water & then add a few drops of dish soap….it breaks the surface tension of the liquid. Then I scoop these little pests in for a family reunion. They get waterlogged immediately & drown quickly. When I get overwhelmed & see too many in a room, I have to resort to vacuuming them, & hope they suffocate in the vacuun bag. So far, none have crawled out of the vacuum bag. I do leave the vacuum hose upright after tho….

  8. Reimund Cabel says:

    Hey folks,just a note that we are getting loads of Asian type lady up here in Winnipeg,Canada.These things are super aggressive and lately we have been getting temperatures 10-15 degrees higher than normal.I will be attempting a mix of vinegar and lemon juice.I know they don’t like my citronella wax candles and there is that fire hazard concern with those.

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