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Getting Rid of Mice

Getting Rid of Mice

Q. Does anyone know of anything that repels mice?  We have mice in our attic and the exterminator charges high fees to come and distribute chemicals.  Is there a natural alternative that we could put up there ourselves? Thanks!  Lisa

Editor’s Note:   We have never considered killing mice since they do have a purpose in the balance of nature.  There are humane traps that you can use and release them into the wild.  At least they will provide a meal for a hawk, owl, or hungry stray cat.  The best "bait" we’ve found is a cracker with peanut butter.  Be sure to check the trap daily.  You don’t want a dead mouse smelling up the attic or items stored there.

–Rich & Susan

• Several years ago my aunt had mice in the attic of her brand-new home and was beside herself. Someone told her to get a cat but she despises them so she got the next best thing – used kitty litter. She asked me for some and kept two little boxes (one at each end of her attic) of it and the problem actually went away. Now, the litter you use doesn’t have to be entirely disgusting. It just has to have a little bit of a cat smell to it. I, personally, live in a 200 year old home with three cats and we have no mice at all. When we first moved in, there was evidence that mice did live here once but I think they sense the cats now and keep away. Hope this helps.- Kathryn

• I bought a gadget from QVC years ago called RIDDEX it cost about $50.00 and plugs into your electric outlet.  It works, no chemicals, no traps etc and best of all no critters or bugs.  Several yrs ago I bought a couple of cheaper knock offs, $20.00 for 2, at Sam’s Club and they seem to be fine.  I have an old house with basement, 2 main floors and attic (roughly 3000 sq. ft.), the Riddex did a fine job with them until I opened and refinished the attic that is why I got the extra ones.  These gadgets emit electrical impulses that run the critters out, if you have rodent type pets you CAN NOT use them.  They don’t seem to bother birds but I would check with the maker first. Good luck, Suzanne

• It’s called a cat!!! –Reginald

• In answer to the question about "natural" rodent repellers, I suggest you purchase one of those small electric high-pitch sound/noise machines.  They are often advertised in various catalogs and I even saw them sold at K-Mart.  While I was living in Italy in a very old, stone three-story house in the country, I discovered there were mice finding their way into my house.  I purchased one of those machines, plugged it in and turned it on while I was not at home for about a week.  Guess what?  No more mice.  I’m not sure where you could purchase one of the machines, but am sure you could search the web.  They really do work.  They also claim to rid your house of other pests such as spiders.  Worth a try – I think I paid about $20 for the machine. –Ruth

• Hi…a wonderful answer to catching mice, rats, etc. are humane traps!  My friend had mice in her garage and attic, and she borrowed a humane mouse trap from us.  It is called the "Mouse Master", and can be found online or sometimes in stores.  It works great!  Another popular brand of humane trap we’ve used successfully is Havahart…(…they have many sizes.  These humane traps are extremely inexpensive when compared to other options, and work just wonderfully if you want to get rid of the animals without hurting them!  After caught, just release them in an appropriate wooded area (with a water source if they need it)…but make sure its at least a mile from your home or they may return!  We’ve had great experiences with these traps…and I hope the idea may help you as well!  God bless!

• Be sure to seal as many cracks and holes as possible inside and outside your house. Mice are able to slip through the smallest cracks. When you set your traps, use bait like peanut butter. Make sure your use gloves to remove them. – Diana• The subject of mice has just come up on a Survival, Camping Group I belong to.  Someone said to use equal amount’s of cornmeal and concrete. But watch where you put it so that dog’s, cat’s and farm animal’s can’t get into it…..I plan on doing that in my storage unit’s…Hug’s Karen…

• While I was living in Idaho we had a mouse problem too. The locals told me to spread out moth balls. Sure enuff it worked Odie

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  1. I don’t like harming any living things. Although I can not sleep at nite listening to the lil buggers rummaging around my bedroom. It strait up gives me the heeby jeebies. So today I plugged in a high pitch noise machine and I just seen a very small mouse exiting my room I hope it was the noise doing what it says… I should know better tonite if I don’t hear them lil guys invading my space.

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