Microwave Liner Peeling

Q. A few years ago, my husband bought me a microwave with a turntable.  For the past few months the lining on the bottom of the microwave has been flaking off in the area where the wheels on the turntable are.  Can that be repaired? Can we use the porcelain stuff you paint on appliances?  Charlotte

• I had the same thing happen to my Tappan microwave about 2 years ago. I contacted the manufacturer and they told me it was dangerous to use and/or try to repair it. The requested the serial number and the amount paid for it when new and sent me a refund check. You should check with the manufacturer before attempting any type of repair job.   JMD

• This happened to ours shortly after the end of the three year warranty;  I contacted the manufacturer and they gave me back 70% of the original purchase price.  They felt that the average life of a microwave oven was 10 years, and that we had used ours for three years. We did not have to send the oven back, just a copy of the receipt and the metal sticker from the back of the oven that contained the model number and serial number   Becky

• If the bottom of your Microwave is wearing off you do not need to do anything other than contact the manufacturer. Most all have toll free numbers. They are the best ones to give you advice related to your appliance. Martha

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  1. TONY says:


      • Ron Ernie says:

        No cancer dangers from microwaves period. Most experts say that microwave ovens don’t give off enough energy to damage the genetic material (DNA) in cells so they can’t cause cancer. Microwaves only heat moisture, (water etc. within food) and cause molecules to vibrate and that friction makes heat. NO CANCER will ever be caused by microwaves. You should have cleaned your microwave after each use and then it would not chip, pit, or corrode.

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        • Jim says:

          I did clean and wipe dry after eacheck use it still chipped and rusted out. This is my second one from the same manufacturer. And same model. I’ll never buy another Hamilton beach microwave again

      • Ron Ernie says:

        Clean that microwave. All new model (last 12 years) are constructed with less barriers to corrosive moisture. They do this so cheap folks can buy a microwave for less than 100 bux. I’m not saying you bought a cheap model, but the high priced ones do not chip. The main reason for this problem is CLEANLINESS within the unit.
        Clean and dry units will not corrode. If you do not have the time or energy to maintain the equipment I suggest you use more conventional cooking methods; stove top or oven.
        Also you could consider eating out!

        I do note that microwave ovens are not constructed to be long lasting appliances like those built in the old days.

        Have a very nice day/eve

          • Jeannie says:

            I have clean it out after each and every use as well and still chipped and rusted. I’ve beenplacing a new paper towel over the bottom of the microwave before each use, then dicarding it, ckeaning the rust area, patting it dry and placing a new paper towel.

  2. Mary Delpriore says:

    My Hamilton Beach microwave is rusting badly inside after one yr. I emailed and mailed the complaint to their customer service dept. I have not received any reply. I have had 3 microwave ovens before this one. They worked very well for several yrs and there was no rust at all. Do not buy this product. Worse appliance I have ever purchased. I am 78 yrs old and very angry at Hamilton Beach service.

  3. Ron Ernie says:

    Most appliances built today are throwaway items. I remember the old days. An automobile from the 50’s could roll into another car at 10+ mph and cause hardly noticeable damages.
    Today’s cars are not that way. If you were to roll a new vehicle into another one at less than 1 mph, both vehicles would fold up like two dollar suitcases.

    This is the way it is with everything built today.


  4. Madonna Vanzant says:

    Our GE is rusting badly. It’s rusting under the glass plate where the rollers are. I don’t know what the person meant by keeping it clean. That is not the part that gets dirty. Moisture from steam could eventually cause it to start peeling I bet. Then it begins to rust.

  5. Linda Ha says:

    Don’t blame CLEANLINESS. My GE microwave is cleaned after every use. I do this because it is easiest to clean right away. Further, nothing goes into the microwave without a saucer or wax paper over it to prevent 98% of the splatters. Also makes it easy to keep clean – just a wipe of the clean dishrag. THAT SAID – my microwave lining is bubbling and peeling both above and below the turntable. This is ridiculous, but I know it is not worth going to GE about. They will say, well, you have had it 8 years, what did you expect? So disappointing.

  6. Jerry says:

    Ours is peeling and rusting where the rollers are too. I think that the problem is that slightly oxidzed metal was used and not properly treated before painting. We had a Panasonic 700 from 1985 till 2015, used constantly and never gave any trouble; our kids gave us this Hamilton Beach 1000 for Christmas 2 years ago so we gave away the old (relable) one; bad mistake I guess! The HB does a great job and we’ll continue to use it till the wheels wear a hole through the metal, but I wouldn’t touch another H.B. product with a ten foot pole.

  7. Mike G. says:

    We’ve had our Samsung above-the-stove unit for about 10 years. Bubbles/blisters have lately appeared next to the glass turntable. The underside has a built- in stovetop exhaust fan & 2 lights for illuminating the stovetop. The microwave has always been kept clean & food covered. The blistering is located just above each of the 2 bulbs which I suspect is giving off considerable heat.

  8. Robin says:

    My Haier 900 W Model HMC920BEBB also started to discolor, bubble and peel under the turntable after 2 years. I tried to clean it at first, but realized it was the coating. I also kept the microwave clean at all times. When I contacted Haier customer service they said to discontinue use and buy another microwave. The warranty was 1 year and they would not do anything or offer replacement. Could someone recommend a good small microwave that will last more than a few years?

    • Cindy Frausto says:

      I had several small Emerson they never did what this Hamilton Beach has done!
      The paint has peeled up & rusted badly!!you try to clean &
      More rust paint jyst peels off
      The Emerson’s were about $30.00 at Wal-Mart
      They did last about 3-5 years

  9. Nellie M Tray says:

    I have a large Emerson, I bought at Walmart about 3 years ago and it started doing it after the 1st year! I keep mine spotless, it has a grill on the inside top also that I have never used. Where the little wheels go around in the bottom of the turntable, it is all ate up also!!

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