Microwave Liner Peeling

Q. A few years ago, my husband bought me a microwave with a turntable.  For the past few months the lining on the bottom of the microwave has been flaking off in the area where the wheels on the turntable are.  Can that be repaired? Can we use the porcelain stuff you paint on appliances?  Charlotte

• I had the same thing happen to my Tappan microwave about 2 years ago. I contacted the manufacturer and they told me it was dangerous to use and/or try to repair it. The requested the serial number and the amount paid for it when new and sent me a refund check. You should check with the manufacturer before attempting any type of repair job.   JMD

• This happened to ours shortly after the end of the three year warranty;  I contacted the manufacturer and they gave me back 70% of the original purchase price.  They felt that the average life of a microwave oven was 10 years, and that we had used ours for three years. We did not have to send the oven back, just a copy of the receipt and the metal sticker from the back of the oven that contained the model number and serial number   Becky

• If the bottom of your Microwave is wearing off you do not need to do anything other than contact the manufacturer. Most all have toll free numbers. They are the best ones to give you advice related to your appliance. Martha