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Moles in the Yard

Moles in the Yard

Q.     What’s the best and cheapest way to rid of moles from our yard. They keep digging tunnels in my yard, but can’t get rid if them.

A. I have used moth balls when mole tunnels have appeared.  Just gently poke the moth ball through the ground and into the tunnels.  The mole will leave…. I don’t blame them Terri J.

A. I am sure you’ve got this response over and over.  Kill the grubs that the moles are hunting for lunch and spray the yard with a small bottle of castor oil and water from a hose end sprayer.  It works beautifully. Mary B.
A. When I lived in North Carolina, I came across an old southern remedy for moles – Caster Beans.  They’re called Mole Beans in North Carolina.  Apparently they’re highly toxic to moles.  I bought some of the beans/seeds for the Caster plant and shoved them into the mole tunnels I found.  In a couple of weeks, there was no more evidence of moles in my yard.  Be careful if you have children. Scott J

A. I have had double trouble (moles and gophers) and had results from using commercial pelleted bait called PROZAP (be careful, zinc Phosphide).  This is a poison so beware and watch domestic animals,  dogs, cats, and children.  Believe Me, this stuff WORKS. Good Luck and BE CAREFUL. Robert


A. Hello, Well this may not be what you had in mind, but the best solution that I have ever found is healthy young cat. The yard will look worse for a while but after about a season the moles that live through it have moved elsewhere. In addition cats are nontoxic (if you don’t have allergies) and have numerous health benefits such as lowering your blood pressure. Seriously, it has been documented. Goodluck, Celia

A. Moles do not eat bulbs. They eat japanese beetle larvae and will move on once all of the larvae are consumed. Moles are your friends. If your bulbs are disappearing, don’t blame the moles! Ali

A. I remember my Mother used to plant Marigolds around the edge of her garden. She said the root eaters didn’t like the flavor of their roots and would go somewhere else. I don’t know if this is the real reason but it seemed to work for her.

A. I read about this remedy for moles and my friend’s yard had numerous tunnels. She obtained hair that had been cut from her hairdresser on a regular basis. The hair was stuffed down the tunnels in many locations in her yard and the moles have gone away. Apparently they hate the scent of human hair in their home.

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  1. Leave moles alone and let them do their work of eating Japanese beetle and other grubs, as well as softening and aerating the soil. If you insist on having a perfect lawn, use a lawn roller to flatten out the soil after the moles have moved on to other areas, as they will do after a few weeks, and reseed those areas. Moles are wonderful, ecologically important animals, and people who poison and trap them are misguided fools.

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