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The Frugal Life – Living Well With What You Have

******************************************* PLEASE REMEMBER OUR SPONSORS THEY KEEP THIS SERVICE FREE ***************** Advertisement *************** Donna and I just came back from our annual convention where we found out about a great new HOME SPA Party Plan. Working out of your home and doing home parties with essential oils you can begin to make that extra $500 – $600 a month or more that you have always wanted. You set your hours and how often you want to work! – check out here for more details. ******************************************* THE FRUGAL LIFE NEWS Published Weekly by Randal Watkins September 9, 2002 ******************************************* The Frugal Life News is sent to subscribers only. If you would like to unsubscribe from this newsletter, please DO NOT reply to this email. Please see the bottom of the newsletter for instructions. ********************************************** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large volume of email we receive from The Frugal Life site and response from the more than 15,700 subscribers, we cannot reply to your questions and suggestions, but we will try to post all of them as time and space permits within the context of this newsletter. This is a caring and sharing newsletter, so feel free to participate. ********************************************** CONTENTS OF THIS ISSUE: A NOTE FOM RANDAL New Web Space FINANCES Want To Lower Your Cost Of Auto Insurance? Pay Off Your Debts. GARDENING Wildlife For Kids SIMPLICITY/SUSTAINABILITY Lawns Without Chemicals FRUGAL TIPS SHARING WHAT YOU KNOW ANSWERS TO PREVIOUS QUESTIONS LEGAL DISCLAIMER SUBSCRIPTION INFO *************** A NOTE FROM RANDAL Hello Everyone, By now, has its own webspace. I will be utilizing this new function in the weeks to come. In the meantime, the site should look the same to you with the exception that by tonight the search engine should be capturing the new information that has been submitted. We just got back from attending our annual convention with Nature’s Sunshine and we had a good time. We learned lots of new information and I will be updating in the near future with the additional information. I have included an advertisement (see above) on a very interesting home business opportunity using the products we have been associated with for over 16 years. If you have been looking for a good business opportunity I think you will be excited about this one. As always we are grateful for your readership! Randal ***************** FOCUS ON FINANCES WANT TO LOWER YOUR COST OF AUTO INSURANCE? PAY OFF YOUR DEBTS. Recently, I made the mistake of answering the phone during dinner. I knew it was a mistake when an unfamiliar voice asked, “Hi. Is this Greg?” as if we were old friends. She wasn’t an old friend. She was an insurance agent — and not mine. She promised to save me money if I switched to her insurance company. All she needed were the answers to a few questions about my driving habits, ticket history, kind of automobiles, and whether I had… good credit! Since I have never borrowed money to buy insurance, and the insurance company isn’t in the business of lending money to buy insurance, I found this question to be — well — questionable. “Oh yes,” she said. “Your premium could be 40% less if you have good credit.” Nowadays, companies that have nothing to do with lending money are using your credit history to decide how and whether to do business with you. In fact, 92% of the 100 largest auto insurers use credit information when they write new policies. The theory is that if you have money problems, you’re under more stress, and are therefore more accident-prone. Of course, they offer no evidence to support this claim, and since the population of troubled debtors is growing dramatically, linking insurance premiums to credit history creates rising profits. Good credit is one side-effect of Debt Freedom. So too, apparently, are lower costs of living — including insurance. —————– Payoff All of your Debts in 5-7 Years using the money you ALREADY make! Greg Moore is the author of the Debt Freedom Course, “DebtIntoWealth — Lessons from My Journey to Debt Freedom”. For your FREE Lesson 1 of this course, CLICK HERE: ******************* FOCUS ON GARDENING WILDLIFE FOR KIDS Most of us want our children to grow up with respect for the animals and wildlife that share this planet with us. Animals/Wildlife Guide Laura Klappenbach has devoted a full resource section for teaching kids about our fellow creatures. **************** FOCUS ON SIMPLICITY/SUSTAINABILITY LAWNS WITHOUT CHEMICALS You can have a beautiful, healthy lawn without applying chemicals that harm wildlife and our environment. Learn how to implement organic lawn care techniques in your own backyard. It will benefit wildlife, pets and children. ***************************** FRUGAL TIPS – From Our Subscribers Regarding the skunk odor – The best and simplest remedy is to ignore it. It will go away all by itself in 2 – 3 days. Of course, if you can’t leave the dog outside….you need to try one of the other remedies. Blessings, Marilyn This is for the lady who wanted ideas for removing the skunk scent from her dog, a couple of years ago my friends dog got sprayed while camping far from any town, and of course we had no tomato juice, so we used some of the waterless hand sanitizer,it worked great, and no mess! ********** Thanks for the interesting article this week about saving water — lots of good ideas that I hadn’t heard about before. While reading the section about running water in the sink to warm it from cold to hot, I remember an idea that I read somewhere a couple of years ago: place a bucket in the sink (or shower, or tub) to catch the water that would otherwise be wasted while waiting for the right temperature. That water can be used in many ways such as for cleaning or watering plants. Every little bit helps! – Jill ********** I’m an extremely lazy person and here are Two things I discovered this summer for the lazy person’s garden that — once you get them set up — make life easy: rainbarrels and worm bins. They are cheap (esp. if you make it yourself) easy ways to turn a so-so garden into amazing gardens. The rainbarrels (I have three now, made from food grade barrels) have been especially helpful this dry summer. I have them hooked up to elcheapo soaker hoses and watering the flowers and veggies is a matter of flipping open the rainbarrel valve. ANd when I’ve forgotten to flip it back off, well, at least the water bill isn’t involved. The wormbin is cool, but so far I haven’t gotten the compost from it yet. What I like about it is that it’s a great way to compost without fretting about my Carbon nitrogen ratio or whether I’m turning the compost or if it’s heating up correctly etc. Worms do all of the work. And I hear the vermicompost is astoundingly good stuff. Nothing as satisfying as being lazy but still extremely smug about being a good steward of the land (all .25 acres of it) . ***************** Advertisement *************** ** DO YOU HAVE PETS? ** We’ve got it now! Flint River Ranch natural pet foods! We’ve been using natural pet foods since 1978. What they use in pet foods these days is disgusting! Want to know what’s in those “premium” pet foods? We always recommend natural food for a healthy pet, so now we’ve chosen a brand that passes our high standards. Oven-baked and loaded with good ingredients. Check it out now! *********************************** SHARING WHAT YOU KNOW Q. Regarding the weeds, thanks for the tip. I have questions: Will it also kill the grass? What about planting in the soil after it’s use, how long should I wait for it dissipate? – Jean Q. How can I get lipstick out of light colored clothes that have gone thru the washer? Q. I have bamboo in my gully behind my house and it recently cost me a bunch to have it removed. I used vinegar on it trying to get it do die but it all grew back. Does anybody have a solution on how to kill bamboo? – Robin Q. Hi, I just wrote in about mold stains on my child’s Polyester Fiber toy, but I think the stain is probably mildew. Does anyone have any suggestions? Q. Does anyone have ideas on how to remove stains and spots of unknown origin from very, very old delicate fabric dresser scarves and tablecloths? They are off white in color, some with colored stitched designs. Please post your questions/answers to our new bulletin board. You can find directions here. ************ ANSWERS TO PREVIOUS QUESTIONS Q. Is it possible to make flavored water (like Fruit 2-0) yourself? A. Since all we drink is water in our home, sometimes we do want to flavor it. We get the little bottles of imitation flavorings that you find in the baking isle of the supermarket. Just pour drops of it in your water to taste. Our favorites are strawberry, banana, or pineapple. ************ Q. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get dark hair color stain out of light colored vinyl self sticking tile flooring? A. To get tint out of vinyl use hair spray in the aerosol can. or when you dye your hair again use a little of the left over tint in the bottle on the tile. its nuts but it works take it from a hair stylist that knows ive tried it. A. Any cleaner with bleach in should take the stain out of the vinyl tile. If you use regular bleach dilute it with some water and apply just to the stain. I have even used the clear jel made for white clothes stains. Also works on mold and mildew. – JF ************ Q. I need some ideas on reusing the plastic shopping bags we get. I’ve heard you can weave a rug from them. I’m writing an article about the problems of plastic bags clogging up storm drains and polluting waterways. I’d like to have some ideas to suggest for people to reuse their bags. Thanks! – Donna Lee Note: Due to the number of responses I have made a page at href=” “> ***************** Advertisement *************** DON’T PAY RETAIL FOR QUALITY SUPPLEMENTS Buy at Member Prices: 35-40% OFF!! Nature’s Sunshine allows Members to order direct from their warehouse at 35-40% OFF retail. There is NO SIGN-UP FEE if you place a $40 or more order (at Member pricing) at the time you sign up. No monthly minimums to purchase – you never need to order again. You can sign up on the telephone if you have a credit card. Read more: Member Pricing *************** LEGAL DISCLAIMER Information in The Frugal Life News (TFL) has been derived from sources believed accurate and reliable. In no event shall *The Frugal Life,* Randal Watkins, or the TFL staff be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from any action arising in connection with the use of information herein. TFL does not knowingly accept ads from advertisers deemed detrimental to TFL’s readers, however, publication of an ad in TFL does not constitute an endorsement for such product or service. There is no remuneration for suggestions, tips, or ideas submitted by readers. All suggestions, tips, and ideas, submitted for publication in The Frugal Life, become the property of The Frugal Life, notwithstanding similar rights of the reader submitting such suggestions, tips, or ideas. TFL publishes readers’ names with their suggestions, tips, and ideas unless a reader requests otherwise at the time of the submission.

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