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Published Weekly by Randal Watkins

November 12, 2002


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Drought Abated
Spell Checking

Clear Thinking will help you Avoid this Trap

Ways To Save On Heating Costs

Buying Toys For Children







Hello Everyone,

We are now beginning to get some much needed relief from the drought
conditions we used to be in. As it gets colder, I am reminded how nice it
will be to have a good heat source at our new home. With that thought in
mind, thanks for all the details on radiant heat. That information has sure
given me some insight on the radiant heat and helped me to understand if we
should consider radiant heat or not.

One reader wrote in and suggested we run a spell checker on all our
articles. I think this is a good idea and should have been done before. I
am now in the process of doing this on all new content and eventually I will
check the old content too.

If you have a spell checker, please run it on your own submissions. That
will save me some time on preparing the ezine each week. If you don’t have
a spell checker, please don’t let that stop you from making a contribution.

As always, your contributions are what make this ezine so helpful. Please
share us with your friends that is how we grow!

Have a great week!




“You load sixteen tons, what do you get?

Another day older and deeper in debt

Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go

I owe my soul to the company store”

– Lyrics from “16 Tons” by Merle Travis, 1947.

Do you remember the inspiration for this song? Coal mining companies owned a
store where miners bought necessities — like food — against their future
paycheck. When payday arrived, their debts were deducted and the remainder,
if any, went to the miner.

Now there is a new Debt Card called the “Clear” Mastercard. It’s disguised
as an “Employee Benefit,” enabling employees to make purchases and have the
payments drawn directly from future paychecks over the next two months,

The credit line is 2.5% of the employee’s annual salary. So, if they make
$40.000, their credit line is $1,000.

The annual fee is $29.

The only thing “Clear” about this debt card is that it’s clear that you’re
really working for Mastercard.

They’re not even trying to fake it anymore.

It’s also clear that if we don’t remember history, we’re doomed to repeat

I wonder if Mastercard owns any mines?


Payoff All of your Debts in 5-7 Years using the money you

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Check out these money saving ideas from Charlotte Gorman at
https://www.thefrugallife.com/heatsave.html href=” https://www.thefrugallife.com/heatsave.html “>

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Children can become overwhelmed at gift-giving occasions to the point that
they don’t know what to play with or can’t concentrate on one toy long
enough to let their creativity bloom. It may not be due to the wrong kind of
toys or simply too many options! Long term exposure to excessive gifts can
actually be harmful to children. Check with orphanages and children’s
services to find a place that you can donate toys to knowing they will bring
joy to a needy child. Here’s a few tips on choosing quality toys for
children which will save you and the planet in many ways: For more informaton
Click Here.

FRUGAL TIPS – From Our Subscribers

Hello! The fire ant control tips related to Georgia winters would be
difficult to apply here in hot, humid South Louisiana, where we might go a
whole winter without a hard freeze. What has worked well for me has been
diatomaceous earth. It is a food-grade product suitable for mixing into
grains, flour, dried beans, etc. for insect control during storage, and it
does not need to be removed prior to consumption. The company which
supplies it is Nitron, www.nitron.com. It costs less than $1/lb., and a
10-lb. bag lasts me a couple of years. DE is a natural substance, less toxic
than table salt. It kills bugs by piercing their exoskeletons with its
microscopic spikes, so the bugs dehydrate and die.

DE works very well in my garden to get rid of fire ants. I use a strainer
or an empty plant pot with holes in the bottom to sprinkle it liberally on
the anthill, poking holes with a stick and sprinkling down into the holes as
well. DE should also be sprinkled on the ground in a 5-foot radius around
the anthill. Do all this when the ground is relatively dry and no rain is
expected for about a day. By next morning, the anthill is nearly always
dead! Once in a while, when treating an especially large or deep anthill, I
might need to reapply the next day to finish the job. The fire ants
generally do not return for several weeks or months following this

On the relatively rare occasions when ants enter my house, I just sprinkle a
little DE around their entrances and along their trails. It works very
quickly. Hope this information is useful to someone! Very truly yours, Mary


I didn’t see the question in prior issues, but in this last issue a reader
wrote in about the sulphur smell.

I had a problem like that and it was coming from an unused sink. So now,
every couple of months, I have to run water down that sink to keep the smell
out. It would permeate the whole house and seem to come from all the other
water outlets.

I hope that will help with whomever had the problem.



You really need to know! Choosing a healthy
pet food avoids many vet bills and heartache.




Q. I am a 61 year old female who needs some good affordable health
insurance. I bought Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas thinking it was a good
company that would pay. All was well until I had to use it and now they are
upping the premiums by more than 50%. My one day hospital stay plus some
tests came to about $7,500.00. of which I have paid a fair share out
of pocket already. If anyone out there knows of a reputable company that
will pay what they say they will pay, I would love to hear from them. – G..J.

Q. Is there anyone that makes christmas trees from baby food bottles?
Please email me the response. Thank you. – Peggy

Q. About composting, can one use for small gardens and yards
those large Rubbermaid containers to hold your soil and compost stuff? I
have done that for a year now and it appears the stuff has changed into
“organic” compost. I’ve only used vegetable, fruits and suitable grass and
leave findings. But I don’t have the “manpower” to obtain the large
turnstyle compost tumbler. Anyone know if there is anything wrong with my
compost cause I use the Rubbermaid? Thanks for any info – Jaimie

All questions and responses are now posted on our new bulletin board.
Go here for more details.


Q. A thick, sticky coating has developed on several of my pots and pans.
I’ve also noticed the same residue on a couple of my cabinet doors and on a
small section of my kitchen counter. How can I remove this, and is the
product or recipe safe for wooden cabinets? Does anyone know how it
develops so I can possibly prevent it from coming back? Thanks in advance
for your help! Tracy

A. I hate to be the bearer of bad news its oil! Not just the cooking oil
you use, it!=s a combination of all oils, in veggies, chicken or beef. I have
the same problem. My husband loves to cook hash browns every Sunday morning,
it always leaves an oily, sticky mess behind. About ounce or twice a year I
go over the entire kitchen with a product containing Orange oil (you can
find them everywhere), it cuts right threw the stuff. As far as the pots and
pans do you deglaze after cooking. It!=s a process that uses wine to lift
the stuck on oil and food off your pans. When all else fails, try GOO GONE.
Not sure if it!=s safe on ALL surfaces so test it first. Happy cleaning,

A. Tracy – More than likely, this is a buildup of grease from cooking.
Most orange cleaners will remove this buildup with little or no scrubbing..
To prevent it from happening again, simply use the orange cleaner on a
regular basis. – Sandra

A. My guess is that the sticky coating on pans and cabinets is from using
non-stick pan spray. You might try a degreaser product on the pans. Cabinet
doors and counters would depend on the finish. – Alice

A. My guess is that this is grease. You could use just about any cleaner,
such as Mr Clean, Formula 409 or one of those lemon cleaners. Also Murphy
Oil Soap Household Cleaner has been recommended. When you’re frying things,
keep a cover on your frying pan. Even so, eventually it will happen again..
Bill R.


Q. I appreciate all the helpful suggestions in The Frugal Life, and the
emphasis on happiness not depending on wealth. Here’s my question: What
are frugal, healthy ways of caring for one’s face/skin? There is a huge
face-care industry that makes women feel behind-the-8-ball if they don’t use
all kinds of potions and creams, and if they don’t spend all kinds of money
on facials, spas, etc. In the long haul are these things healthy for one’s
skin? I’d like to hear some ideas on this. Thanks. Lillian

A. Note: to see all the good ideas go to
https://www.thefrugallife.com/frugalskin.html href=” https://www.thefrugallife.com/frugalskin.html “>


Q. The walls above my showers are painted and now the paint is beginning to
crack and peel. Is there ‘waterproof’ paint or something I can do other
than put up tile to fix this problem? I rent my apartment and am not
looking to invest a huge sum into the project since I will move after my
lease is up. Thanks, SW

A. I just finished remodeling my bathroom and will be painting it myself,
including above my shower. My contractor told us to cover all the paint
with polyurethane to seal the paint and avoid the peeling off due to the
moisture. He said to put two or 3 coats on it. Hope this will work for
you. – Sharon F.

A. Home Depot sells mildew proof paint called Perma-White made by Zinsser.
(The paint can be tinted to light colors.) It’s formulated for high
humidity areas like bathrooms. It’s under $20 a gallon and guaranteed to
last for 5 years, but it’s important to kill all mildew before putting it
on. – FA

A. I think the most reasonable thing to do would be to paint it. Find
something that you can get in a quart can. Since you’ll be moving at the end
of your lease, you could leave the balance of the paint for the next tenant.
Be sure to get a putty knife and scrape away as much of the loose paint as
you can. There is a special paint used to waterproof the exterior of
concrete block foundations for houses. I don’t think that this is the
answer, because it’s only sold in gallon cans. It reminds me of a watery

How about some WALLPAPER up there? You might be able to find some on sale
that would work. – Bill R.


Q. I have a new home with a ceramic sink and there are some minute
scratches in the bottom of the sink. Is there any way to remove those
scratches without using touch up paint? – Thanks Editor

A. If the scratches are gray color, then household cleanser should do it..
If you mean the actual ceramic is etched then I know of no remedy. Did you
do it, or a workman working for a contractor? If this was done by a
contractor’s workman, I’d insist on a replacement. – Bill R.

A. We too have a ceramic sink. The builder told us to use ZUD and it
works! It comes in a can and is a powder substance like Comet. I think it’s
about $2.50 a can. I sprinkle it in the sink and use the abrasive side of
the sponge–sometimes you need to scrub hard to get out the marks. It also
takes off the gray marks left from pots and pans. – Theresa


Q. We are in the process of making decisions on what kind of heat to put in
the house. Do any of you have any experience with radiant heat?
Particularly when the power source is electricity. If so, please let me
know what I should consider in making this decision. – Randal

A. For some great information on radiant heat go to
https://www.thefrugallife.com/radiantheat.html href=” https://www.thefrugallife.com/radiantheat.html “>



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