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Yes! Medical research links 80% of diseases to
an emotional root. “A More Excellent Way” by
Henry Wright shows you what emotions go with
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Published Weekly by Randal Watkins

November 25, 2002

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Frugal Site in Great Brittain?

How’s Your Debt Relationship?

Diatomaceous Earth Warning

Beauty And Olive Oil







Hello Everyone,

Recently, I received the question below from one of our subscribers that
lives in Great Brittain.

“I have just subscribed to Frugal Life but I’m wondering if there is
anything similar in Britain. It would be more relevant for me although I
have already picked up some useful tips from the newsletter!! Thanks for
your help.”

A. I don’t know if there are any frugal sites like ours in Great Brittain
or not. Do any of you know of any sites that we could tell this subscriber
about? Lastly, you might just do a search on the web there are many frugal
sites other than ours.

Hope you all have a nice holiday season. Thanks for all the support and
content you contribute so freely.

Until next time,




Have you ever wondered how debt affects your relationships?

Would you date someone whom you knew couldn’t make their monthly payments?

What about significant debts your spouse didn’t disclose until after you
were married? Would this discovery enhance or put stress on your

If you’re married, do you consider your debts to be YOUR debts and your
spouse’s to be your SPOUSE’S debts, or do all debts go into a big debt pile
you both own?

I know that after Elizabeth and I paid everything off, our shared triumph
strengthened our bond. But paying off debt we incurred together is a lot
different than assuming responsibility for someone else’s debt.

A Wall Street Journal “Love & Money” column explored the all too common
condition of one partner bringing large debts to a relationship.

One lady owed so much money that she kept it a secret from anybody she dated
for fear of scaring them off.

Another lady married her husband with full knowledge of his debt, but grew
to resent making “his” payments when she became the sole breadwinner after
he decided to go back to school. From her perspective, coming home from a
hard day at work to a husband lounging on the couch after a hard day at
school wasn’t exactly the partnership she envisioned.

And then there was the guy who was peeved about dividing assets equally
after a divorce. He entered the marriage with $50K cash… she with $20K
debt. After the split, and 10 years of marriage, she left with a couple
hundred thousand in cash.

He thought she got a pretty good return on her money.

Secrets, jealousy, resentments, are poor foundations for strong
relationships. If you want to enhance your appeal to a prospective mate,
look good financially, too. If you want to increase your odds of a long term
rewarding relationship, make debt elimination a family priority.

It’s just one less thing clouding your vision of each other.


Payoff All of your Debts in 5-7 Years using the money you

Greg Moore is the author of the Debt Freedom Course, “DebtIntoWealth —
Lessons from My Journey to Debt Freedom”. For your FREE Lesson 1 of this
course, CLICK HERE:



Comment: One thing Cheryl left out, while it is true Diatomaceous Earth is
used for all these things, there are 2 different grades. One is for
filters, etc., the other for gardening. They are processed a bit
differently. We found out the hard way after picking up some that is for
filters and using it on a cat for fleas. Instead of helping the cat, it
wound up losing its hair, going blind and dying. Always read the label.
That one clearly stated that it was for filters, etc. not for use on



Did you know that hidden away in your kitchen cupboard are beauty
ingredients that could enhance your looks, make your eyes sparkle and your
skin glow? One of those fantastic ingredients is olive oil. So don’t fret or
worry if your budget doesn’t stretch to all those expensive designer potions
and lotions, olive oil can be used as part of your personal homemade beauty
treatments, or just by itself. Whichever way you choose, you should achieve
stunning results. Get some quick and easy ways to use olive oil as a
natural and healthy beauty product here:

FRUGAL TIPS – From Our Subscribers

I go to Family Dollar or Dollar General and buy a bagful of shower caps and
keep them with the plastic storage containers. When plastic wrap seems to be
winning “the battle of the bowl” I throw one of those babies on the
container, and Voila! your food is covered and you can see what is in the
container. Happy covering! Blessings, Myra


I am surprised, I never thought of this! If you have to wait for hot water
when you first turn on the shower, place a bucket under the shower to
capture the cold water. It can be used for flushing, filling the clothes
washer or watering plants. – Robin


My wife and I have two daughters ages 4 and 1. It gets very hard for my
wife to do her hair every day with two little ones tugging at her legs (and
her hair). We had been talking about getting her hair cut shorter for a
couple years and had finally decided to go through with it. My mother
suggested that we donate her hair to, ?Locks of Love?, a charity that makes
wigs of real hair for cancer victims. After checking their website, we
found a local salon that would shampoo, cut, style and ship the hair to,
?Locks of Love? all for free. My wife looks great and her hair went to a
great cause. Submitted by Jeff Anchorage, Ak


I recently started saving paper to be recycled at the bin at the local
elementary school. I had no idea how much paper I trashed everyday!!! Junk
mail, envelopes for bills that I pay online, old grocery or “things to do”
lists, newspapers, advertisements, receipts (without the credit card # on
them!), cereal boxes, 12-pack boxes from soda, toilet paper rolls & paper
towel rolls, etc. It takes very little effort and I really feel like I am
making a difference. Our elementary school even gets some money depending on
how much paper they recycle, so it’s a win-win situation… Thanks for the
great newsletter! – Janelle



You really need to know! Choosing a healthy
pet food avoids many vet bills and heartache.



Q. Does anyone have a recipe for making my own Scope type mouthwash. It is
so expensive in the store and also has alot of added dyes and chemicals that
probably aren’t necessary. Thanks for your help. Joanne, Calif.

Q. I was wondering if anyone out there knows any substitutes for
dishwashing detergent? The more environmentally friendly the better. Thanks,

Q. Does anyone know how to store large quantities of night crawlers taken
off pavement after a heavy rain? I would like to know what to put them in,
feed them, etc. to keep them alive and maybe reproduce.

Q. How do you start a compost pile? Thanks for any advice! – Carol

Q. Hi, My daughter is expecting in April 2003, my first grandchild. We
have been looking for Curity cloth diapers, they are 20″ by 40″. She can’t
see going the expense of disposable diapers but the “cloth” diapers on the
market now are awful, made of gauze, thin and the pre-fold don’t work like
the old curity ones I used many years ago. I see why people went to
disposable diapers. Can anyone help? Thanks

All questions and responses are now posted on our new bulletin board.
Go here for more details.


Q. I have been studying earthworm composting this week. The place where we
are moving to may have too much chance of bears visiting a regular compost
bin. I thought the worm composting might be a good alternative that we
could do in our basement. Do any of you have any experience with this form
of composting?

A. Try contacting either Fallbrook Water District in Fallbrook California
or South Coast Water District, also in California but I don’t remember the
city. One of them did vermicomposting for several years and it was wonderful
stuff. I’m sure they did it on a much larger scale than you will be doing,
but I’m sure they would be helpful. I personally seed my Rubbermaid
composter with earthworms periodically and it is great stuff. Mary – Azusa,

A. Concerning the worm composting, make sure there is a drain space between
the bottom of the last level of compost and the bottom of the container.
This prevents your worms from drowning, the compost from getting a sour,
stinky smell and is a space for “worm tea”. This is a great fertilizer
liquid. Be careful that when you compost a large watermelon (that’s how I
drowned my worms). “Real Life” carries a great “Barrel of Worms”. I always
go to a bait store and get “red wigglers” as they’re called. To my way of
thinking this is a less expensive way to obtain worms that spending $25.00
for X number of worms. They will multiply after a while. Good luck. – Diana

A. I have done worm composting for several years, both inside and outside
composting. I posted the “how to” on the Grayson County Master Gardeners
website here under the Seasonal button. Let me know if I can help any further, thank you, Debbie, Grayson County Master Gardener

A. I just wanted to say that we started worm composting earlier this year
and what a joy it has been. It is such an easy thing to do. We keep our
bin on an enclosed porch that we can heat (They need to stay above 40
degrees). We have noticed a few fruit flies around the bin on the hot days
but nothing we were too concerned about. I have fed my worms large amounts
of food and they have turned out wonderful rich compost. I have noticed
they don’t process pits from avocados, cherries, etc very well but otherwise
they finish off just about anything. We have given them our halloween
pumpkin as well as several watermelon rinds and they quickly go to work. We
have two bins currently and are hoping to sell our extras to fisherman for
bait or for other composters looking to start their own bin. I got the
directions for our bin off the web and could find that article again if you
are interested. Keep the good work with the newsletter, I so enjoy reading
it. Kathie

A. Randal, I have been composting in the house for about 2 years. I also
do it outside. I just have plastic boxes that I put compost and worms in
with dirt and whatever else that I am composting. There are holes in the top
of the box’s for air to get to the worms. This is also an awesome way to
have alot more worms. – Sherry


Q. I searched for and couldn’t find any issues on good ways to remove wall
paper. I have a room that has 30 years of old wallpaper on it, any ideas???
It is stuck! – Christina

A. Some great answers can be found at


Q. Boy do I need help! We recently bought a 15 year old house and the
water bill has been outrageous! Over 90 dollars a month! Usually, it was 45
dollars a month and we had a bigger house! I have tried the dye in the
toilet to check for leaks and it was ok. Does anyone know how we can check
for a broken pipe underground without digging up the whole yard? Thanks!

A. For some good suggestions go to


Q. Hi I have 13 yr. old calico that just started urinating in different
areas of our carpet? How do you get the smell out and stop the problem?

A. Find the responses at

Editor’s Note: For a look at what we use when our cats have an accident
check out href=” “>


Q. About composting, can one use for small gardens and yards those large
Rubbermaid containers to hold your soil and compost stuff? I have done that
for a year now and it appears the stuff has changed into “organic” compost.
I’ve only used vegetable, fruits and suitable grass and leave findings. But
I don’t have the “manpower” to obtain the large turnstyle compost tumbler.
Anyone know if there is anything wrong with my compost cause I use the
Rubbermaid? Thanks for any info – Jaimie

A. Composting in the Rubbermaid container is ok. You can also use plain old
Glad bags for leaves and clippings. I filled 3 or 4 with clippings and
crushed leaves last fall, set them in an out of the way corner of the yard,
and this past spring I had the loveliest black compost you have ever seen
for my flower pots and flower beds. Have fun. Bonnie in Indy

A. The difference is that when you compost and turn a mass that is big
enough to generate high temperatures, things like weed seeds and other
undesirable organisms get cooked. This is a good thing, but I myself have
never been able to get such a volume of composting material all at once, so
I just bury the garbage in various places in my garden. It has never caused
any problems that I can see, and I get great results, so why NOT compost in
your Rubbermaid containers? Right on!



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