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The Frugal Life – Living Well With What You Have


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Published Weekly by Randal Watkins
The Frugal Life
May 27, 2003


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Hello Everyone,

Looking at the bulletin board, I can see many of you are taking advantage of
the material being presented. Also, many of you are actively answering
questions when you can. I think that deserves recognition. Please accept
my Thanks! Without your diligence to share frugal ideas the bulletin board
wouldn’t be as successful as it has become.

From time to time, we get letters mentioning a frugal idea that had been
shared may not be correct after all. We do what we can to correct any
erroneous information. One such erroneous information tidbit relates to
mosquitoe protection. We have removed this reference from our site and we
were given this link to back up the proof

I really use to check out rumors and other emails that go around.
You might want to use it in the future too, if you should ever need to
validate something you get in email or see on the web.

Hope all of you had a nice holiday. Donna and I apppreciate your readership
and faithfulness.

Please pass The Frugal Life News on to your friends! It’s how we grow!

Until next time,



Check your debt-card statements. MBNA recently sent out cardholder
statements that deleted the “New Balance Total” from the tear-off payment
coupon, but leaving the “Total Minimum Payment Due” amount.

If you wanted to pay off your balance in full, you had to look elsewhere in
your statement to find this amount. If you weren’t careful, you might have
inadvertently sent only the minimum.

Thankfully, after thousands of complaints, and unwanted newspaper attention,
MBNA has promised to return to the original format, which displayed the New
Balance Total.

Score 1 for the debt payer!

And in other rate jacking news, if you think your debt-card interest rate
should stay the same if you don’t default on any of your debt-cards or other
obligations, guess again.

Now, if your credit score deteriorated from your score at the time you
opened your debt card account, at least one debt card company will jack your
rate up.

This is particularly disturbing because your score can deteriorate simply
from inquiries, which would happen if you were shopping for a loan for a car
or some other necessity.

It’s getting increasingly dangerous to carry debt-cards. With this high
level of aggressive action, sooner or later, they’re gonna get you.

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One great natural and frugal product that can be used as a soil conditioner
and a disease and bug spray. Also provides an invisible glove for dirt and
grease. Check out the sweet potatoes Anna grew in Virginia using Sunshine
Anna’s Sweet Potatoes


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What is BookCrossing, you ask? It’s a global book club that crosses time and
space. It’s a reading group that knows no geographical boundaries. Do you
like free books? How about free book clubs?. Well, the books our members
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Editor’s Note: This is a great example of reuse of resources. Please check it out!


Here’s a kit with everything you will need to start making your
own pampering and cleaning products for pennies with the
easy-to-follow recipe guide.
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I used up some of those (**& plastic bags for packing in Xmas presents that
I shipped.  I filled them about 1/2 full of styrofoam peanuts. amd tied them
loosely.  Since the bag isn’t full, it molds nicely around the various odd
shapes in the box, and the styrofoam stays corraled instead of sticking to
everything. Better than BUYING bags of air!


Maybe you can help these folks out with a few suggestions? Or post some of
your own questions. LOG-IN TO POST Here’s the link: href=” “> Forum

Questions Needing Answers at The Forum:

1. I’m wondering if any of you have had experience with the new, fuel
efficient hybrid cars.  My wife is expressing a desire for one, and I admit
I am intrigued by the concept.  While they seem to be getting good reviews
in the press, I’d be interested in reading some real-life experiences. –
Allen T.

2. I have a rust hole in my car body near the rear driver’s side tire.  I
have no knowledge of this type of repair, but I am looking for suggestions
on how I can do-it-myself by closing up the hole and keeping the rust from
spreading further, without having the end result be a state inspection
issue.  I’m not necessarily concerned with matching my car’s paint color
with this repair job, but I need some inexpensive and relatively easy ideas.
Please help!

3. Other than mothballs and so-called electronic mouse repellants, does
anyone have any tried-and-true methods of keeping mice out of vehicles in
storage?  We set traps, etc. in the area, but the pesky creatures keep
getting into the cars, using headliners, seats, etc. for nesting purposes..
We store the vehicles in a driveshed so can’t mouseproof the building, but
we want to mouseproof the cars.  Help?

1. I’ve searched the web on how to clean and maintain marble floors and
have found some conflicting advise.  some say in italy they use vinegar or
old wine and warm water.  then i read on several other sites that any acids
should be avoided at all cost.  sounds conflicting as we all know that
vinegar is definately acid.  Any comments would be appreciated…….

2. Please help me….   my house stinks so badly,   it is from my basement,
i have added water to my drain, and it still stinks really badly. i have
been burning candles to cover the smell up.. i need to get rid of the
smell…. is this harmful to my family , please let me know

1. Hello everyone.  I was wondering if anyone here does bulk cooking.  I
don’t necessarily do OAMC, but I try to make 2 or 3 batches of what I make
for dinner, then freeze the other 1 or 2 meals.  I have another baby coming
in July and want to stock up my freezer.  Just wondering if there’s anyone
out there to swap tips with!

2. This seems like it will taste good, Thanks.  Actually I was looking for
something that you spread on crackers or use as a thick  dip.  My recipe
contains old bay seasoning, cayone (sp) pepper, tuna and other things.  I
think it has mayonaise and onions as well.  Sorry it took so long for me to
reply.  I haven’t been on in a few weeks to a month. Been busy.  Thanks any
way, anyone else have a recipe for Texas Tuna? – CSinbad

1. Looking for a way to bring white flies under control. Concerned about
the cost and safety of purchased pesticides, and was hoping for a frugal
homemade alternative. Any suggestions?

Do It Yourself
1. Can anyone tell me how to make slip covers for my couch and chair? The
arms have a pillow to them so I would like to fit the shape. I have some
heavey duty curtains i was hoping to use, is that possible?

1. Hi, What do you do when you are committed to paying off your debt and your
spouse is also-but not as much. My husband is getting better but has these
splurges about once a month that set us back about $300. We are able to pay
all our bills-but never seem to move ahead. I am the main bread winner-he is
on disability. So I know that having so much free time is part of the
problem. When he did work, he didn’t do this very much. He doesn’t want to
sit down and do a budget because that is too controlling for him. (Control
is a big thing in his life-felt very controlled by family and school because
of his vision disability.) To be honest, I don’t let him know how much I
contribute to the church. He would have a fit.  

2. Was wondering what some of your frugal tips that you use in your
everyday life.  I use coupons, keep my receipts and when something goes on
sale I take my receipt to get the sale price, keep all lights off  when not
in the room.  Go on-line to get free items that I use and keep them when I
go on vacation (personal items).  Put all my change in a change jar, take my
lunch to work. Use only half a cap of laundry detergent, use cold water to
wash, etc,.  I know these are just general frugal tips and have many more,
but I was wondering what everyone else does to be frugal and your tips. –
Thank you.

1. In the recent edition of Frugal Life, a vegetation killer was provided
using vinegar, salt and dish detergent…mainly for poison
ivy/sumac/oak…question…can this tonic be used under trees to kill wild
vines, poisen ivy, brush, etc. without hurting the tree itself.  We have
rampant growth under 2 fur trees that we need to curtail, and would like to
try this tonic, but am afraid it would damage these huge trees…any advise?
Thanks!! – Val

1. Does anyone know if there is a US government e-mail address to send all
these obnoxious seemingly African countries e-mail scams that come with
regularity?  I know they are scams and should be reported, but to whom? If
anyone has such an address and has used it, I would appreciate having it. It
seems that the FCC should cover this. Thanks for your help.

1. My son when he was about 10 came up with this and it works great. Ya
know those hangers ya get when you buy skirts or toddler clothes that the
pants are hung on. Well I had a bunch of them and really didn’t use them but
didn’t get rid of them. I have bought chip clips from the stores but they
don’t hold up real well and one day my son was looking for something to keep
the chip bag closed with. He broke the end of one of those hangers off
slipped it over the bag and pushed the little medal piece down and we had a
new chip clip. They last for years.



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