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Using Paper Tubes

Using Paper Tubes

I use the paper towel tubes mainly I cut them either in halves or thirds and make Christmas crackers out of them. placing small item inside. like a hotwheel or sample I received free for adults or even gag item. Stuff the remainder of the tube with newspaper. then I wrap them and tie the ends with ribbon so they resemble fire cracker.     (2)   Another use is as a mailing tube for papers I want to send when I don’t have a mailing size envelope. I use a paper bag as mailing paper.   (3)  A third use is in my sewing room where I have a wall dispenser for paper towels and use the empty roll to store ribbons and braids. binding etc. If I am using several on a project I take an empty one and place all the materials I will need on one and place this on the dispenser. the rest live in storage till needed. Pam

I use them for winding yarn… as a knitter, when I bought a cone and maybe am using several colors, or want to share yarn or whatever.  If you do crafts, and string beads, the tubes are great for winding the strung beads. Most famous and kindest to nature is to roll the clean tube (no paper remnants)  in peanut butter and then in birdseed and put a strong string on it to hang and put it out as dinner for birds in winter when they need fatty foods. [why pay for expensive suet blocks]  Prof. Laura

Either toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes can be used to make ‘kindling bundles’ for campfires or fireplaces. Snap twigs the length of the tube and pack in tightly enough that they don’t slip back out. Keep them on hand to use to build a fire, or to toss in to revive a dying one. Chris

I use the toilet paper tubes to put my panty hose in. They fit in quite nicely and you never have to dig through the pantyhose drawer again. My bird loves to stick her head in the cardboard tubes (toilet or paper towel rolls) and go to sleep.  It is a favorite thing of hers. Renette


Shove all those plastic grocery bags in these and keep them under your car seat or glove box – they hardly take up space, and a plastic bag is always handy and within close reach. Tracy

Lay 2 empty toilet paper tubes together side by side so that the openings of both are at the top and bottom. Wrap duct tape or electrical tape around both tubes at the top, and at the bottom. Poke a small hole in one end of each tube and string a shoelace or piece of yarn through it to create a big loop, which you then tie a knot in. You now have "binoculars" for your little ones to use when you go on nature hikes or sightseeing trips. Great for bird watching!  Becki

I love napkin rings and have quite a collection. To keep them straight and not have to hunt for a matching set I put each set on a paper towel tube. Keeps them together and easy to find. Linda

We wrap our Christmas tree lights around paper towel tubes, and depending on the length of the string, sometimes around old wrapping paper tubes. They’re easier to store, they don’t get tangled, and when you’re putting them on the tree you just hold the tube in one hand and drape the lights with the other hand. Easy! Bev

I use cardboard tubes for making party favors. For a kid’s party, put a few wrapped candies inside or some small toys, for an adult, a coupon good for whatever they might need (babysitting, home cooked meal, etc.) or whatever you can think of. Wrap in aluminum foil, wrapping paper or the Sunday comics, add a twist tie and you have a very inexpensive party favor. For ‘fancier’ parties or showers, just add a nice decorative ribbon on each end.  Liz

My teenage daughters are cheerleaders , we save toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. When it’s time for a game or pep rally , we insert candy into tube cover with tissue paper usually left over from a present) and twist ends together or tape. They will also decorate with team logo. At the game they toss these out to fans in the stands. They go wild. 

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