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Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle Sticks

Q.     I have a question. What do people do with popsicle sticks? We always have tons of them and I hate to throw them out. Thanks, Donna

A. I use them when starting plants in the spring and also in the garden-just write the name on the stick – could cover with clear spray enamel so that they could be used over and over again. Heidi

A. Give them to the kids to play with. They can build houses, and fences and make picture frames. They also work well for stirring those little bottles of paint used in craft projects and for testing the color when dry, (paint and dry with hair drier).  Biddy

A. They’re great for marking rows in your vegetable garden (what do you mean you don’t have one – – and you call yourself frugal?) Use a permanent marker so the ink doesn’t run in the rain. And at the and of the season when they’ve started to fall apart (doesn’t matter by then, you already know what’s growing where) you can just add them to your compost pile!  Carol

A. We use them in Bible School. Give them to your church!  Betty G.

A. Donate them to the elementary school in your community- they always need craft sticks. Instead of buying expensive and cheesy looking vegetable row markers for your garden, use Popsicle sticks and a permanent marker. More environmentally friendly than a resin marker, too. Anita

A. They are great for counting tools at home, math-type problems, and also build into many really fun things.  You can build buildings out of them – garages for Hot Wheels are our favorite.  They can be used for bookmarks, garden markers with a little tag on the top indicating what’s planted where.  My neighbor uses hers to stick into leftovers so she knows when it was originally cooked – she puts the days of the week on sticks, and then sticks it in the leftover dish.  I would really suggest checking with the school if she has no young children, or learn how to make her own Popsicles and not buy the sticks to begin with.  Use the sticks she already has to stand up in Dixie cups or a mold for them or whatever with Kool aid or juice, and just don’t pay for anymore while getting exactly the flavor you like best.  Simone

A. Wash & dry your extra sticks & use them to make your own home made Popsicles.  My sister has a five year old who loves the Minigo type of yogurt.  In the summer, she puts a Popsicle stick in the middle & freezes it.  This would also work for regular yogurt, pudding or the Jell-O/Kool-Aid type of home made Popsicles.  Good luck!  Cheryl

A. My girls love to make things with the left over Popsicle sticks. I have many pencil/pen holders, picture frames, trivets. Here are just a few suggestions. The bonus here is that it keeps the kids occupied for hours.  Victoria

A. We have made a "pioneer home" out of Popsicle sticks and a shoebox. You can glue the sticks on three sides of the box to simulate a log or wooden home. The fourth side is glued to the shoe box lid, which makes a yard for the home. You can also make furniture from the Popsicle sticks. My girls love making their own dollhouse and then coming up with new uses for objects around the house to add to the furnishings. We’re planning on making a nativity scene this Christmas. (You can also stain the sticks for a more realistic look.)  Doug

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