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Recycled Paper Products

Buying Recycled Paper Products

I saw someone recently purchasing toilet paper at Office Max. She said that was the only local location she could find the recycled paper products. — Dixie

Marcal makes paper products, like paper towels, toilet paper and stuff from recycled paper. It’s reasonably priced and you can get it in most supermarkets. — Ann

Check with Wal-mart, K-mart, Office Depot and Office Max. I get legal pads and printing paper from the last two, the toilet paper and paper towels from the first two, depending who is having the sale at the time. — Theresa

Giant Food Stores (on the East Coast, maybe elsewhere, too) sells recycled products, such as Earth Sense plastic bags (a pretty good deal), and assorted other brands. A line they’ve recently added, "Seventh Generation," includes paper towels (natural brown color) and toilet paper (white). They’re comparable in quality to other brands. The problem with the toilet paper is that it costs three times as much as most other brands. I find it hard to justify paying that much. — Marianne


Publix Supermarkets have their own brand of recycled paper facial tissues, napkins, paper towels, and toilet paper. The prices are cheap because it is the store brand.

Be sure to search online since every year there are more and more products available with recycled content. A good place to begin is at Co-op America Green Pages.

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