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Removing Stains in Clothing with Coke

Removing Stains in Clothing with Coke

Q.    Somewhere I heard about coca cola being great for washing stains out of clothes, but I wasn’t able to get any more info on that.  Has anyone heard of using coke?

To remove grease from clothes: Empty a can of Coke into a load of greasy clothes, add detergent, and run through a regular cycle. The Coca-Cola will help loosen grease stains.

NO! Don’t use Coca Cola to remove stains; you’ll only create more. What does work like magic is club soda. Sponge club soda on a stain over and over and watch the stain disappear, even beet or red raspberry stains, but you need to do it right away when the stain occurs.

When we lived in Texas and Oklahoma I went to the laundry mat and found that the people washing the oil rig clothes used Coke small Bottles or cans primarily to cut the oil in the clothes. It apparently it works because there were Coke machines only in the laundry mats.


My friend uses a two liter bottle of coke in addition to her detergent for her husbands work uniforms, he works in crude oil. She says this removes all the stains and odors. I imagine you could adjust the amount for the size and amount of dirt. She won’t use anything else! (obviously she has grease and oil stains)

Coca-cola is a great grease cutter, but not a cleaner. If you have one of those stubborn grease stains, that hasn’t washed out, a little coke in the stain can really help, but it’s not a cleaner — you’ll need detergent with it.

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  1. Got salsa on my white and blue pinstripe dress shirt. Used diet coke on it right away with some napkins, while I was still wearing it, and it came right out. Dried in a couple minutes with no visible stain!

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