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Success Stories E-G โ€“ Read About Natural Solution Results

Success Stories E-G
Read About Natural Solution Results


Keep in mind that these are personal testimonials. These are not health claims for any of the products shown. We provide them for an educational understanding of how herbs and supplemens can be used. These success stories have been submitted to us over the years at our retail store and more recently via email. Please add common sense when using natural remedies.

For more information on the products, search for the product name on The Herbs Place site. Due to FDA and FTC laws we can’t provide a direct link to the products

"I’ve used CBG EXTRACT for many things and that stuff is great! I have used it on the kids and it works! While in California last May, Stephanie woke up crying one night with ear pain (she had a cold). I had my herbs with me (thanks to God) so I put a couple of drops in her ears and we all went back to sleep. She never complained about her ears again. This is the kid that will sleep through just about anything. When she wakes up with pain, it’s usually pretty bad." G.A.

"A lady had been deaf for 45 years. Taking 4 ALJ 4-5 times a day for allergies, she was beginning to hear. She added Stress-J for the nerves. Before long hearing was completely restored." J.B. "My grandson’s hearing test came back with a hearing loss of 30%. At 4 he had tubes put in his ears. We didn’t want that again, so I used CHLOROPHYLL , ECHINACEA & ALJ . In 4 weeks the test was normal." Ruby G.


" A nurse called about her baby’s ear infection . She’d finished 2 rounds of antibiotics with no results. Using CBG EXTRACT in the ears and internally, it cleared up. A friend uses CBG to prevent swimmer’s ear." S.Winslow

" Our daughter (3 months old) had brown fluid draining from her ears, so we used CBG EXTRACT and GARLIC OIL in it and it stopped the draining and she didn’t fuss with them any longer." S.B.

"I suffer with eczema in the winter months, especially my right thumb, which cracks open in one spot and never seems to heal until the warm weather comes in. The past few days, I’ve also developed a painful rash between my second and third fingers of my right hand. After reading your comments on TEA TREE OIL this morning, saying that it is good for wounds, I applied some to the rash. An hour later, I noticed that my finger was no longer bothering me. When I looked, I noticed that the rash was completely gone. I then applied it to my hard-to-heal thumb and, although the split is still there, it seems to have closed up a bit. I’ve also used GOLDEN SALVE on that thumb with great results. I love this stuff!" Joanne

"When S. was 2 years old, we were at the park and another child was there that we didn’t know and he bit Susannah on the nose. It broke the skin and it looked bad after we got home. I really worried about it, but I put GOLDEN SALVE on it and kept it on the wound. In a week it was totally healed. There was not even a scar. After that, Susannah would say, "Dat my Gold?" Only 6 months later, she smashed her finger in a hinged lid to a desk. It cut through the nail and looked like she’d lose the tip of her finger. When we got to the emergency room, they stitched it back and said they didn’t know if the blood flow would get there or not. They wrapped it up with some of their cream and we were to leave it alone for 2 days and return. When we returned it didn’t look any better to me, and they wrapped it again and told me to continue to unwrap it and put some cream on. Well, I decided to use GOLDEN SALVE and by the time I went back again in 2 days, they said it was looking fine and not to return. I kept the Golden Salve on there and now you can’t even tell there was stitches….no scar….nothing! GOLDEN SALVE is much in use at our house and has done many great things!" B.

Important Note: We have personally used Golden Salve on many of our emergencies. It has herbal antibiotics in it to keep infection out. It generates new tissue fast, and heals so well that you rarely see a scar. Our son, Ben, has avoided many stitches by using Golden Salve (after the Capsicum has stopped the bleeding). My husband, Randal, has avoided stitches after cutting himself with a tree saw and also a piece of metal on the car. PLEASE be wise in your decision to use alternative health care for emergencies. Donna Watkins

"A friend of ours had a cough for months. The doctors told him he had emphysema . He coughed at night and even coughed up blood sometimes. Before finishing one bottle of ALJ and MARSHMALLOW & FENUGREEK , the cough was gone." V. G.

"I’ve had endometriosis for 10 years. The daily pain became severe during January. I would often be hunched over with pain as I walked. I was taking up to 4-5 pain pills per day and they were not helping. In June, I began to take RED RASPBERRY and DONG QUAI on a daily basis. Within 6 days I began to notice that there was less pain. Now, after two weeks of use, I am pain free and my hot flashes have also subsided." J.H.

ENERGY "I don’t do a lot of exercising, especially bike riding. I was invited to go mountain biking with a friend in the mountains of Utah. I was afraid I wouldn’t survive the strenuous climb. I took ENERG-V and TARGET ENDURANCE for two days preceding the ride, and on the day of the ride. I found that I was not even hungry during the day-long ride, and even more, that I was able to keep up with my friend, who has been riding these trails for three years. After the 21-mile ride, I did not experience any stiffness, and my energy level was normal the following day." D.Wall

"I was looking for something to help with weight loss and I chose NATURE’S CHI (I think I meant to get Fen Chi, but no matter!) and FAT GRABBERS . The Nature’s Chi is wonderful. I have only been taking it for 3 days and I feel revitalized. I have had problems previously with my energy level and I have been concerned I wasn’t getting all I could from life because I was constantly tired. When I got home from work, I would rest, drag myself to the kitchen to make dinner for my husband, eat, and then rest some more. These past few days have been a different story. I took my puppy on a long walk one day, I went grocery shopping, I began redecorating my bedroom. I am so pleased with the results." MJ

"When I use ony one (1) packet of the ULTIMATE BUILD , I feel so good all day long. I think the energy formula in it really keeps me going all day. I took the fiber drink at night for all the wonderful benefits of fiber in the diet (blood sugar regulation, colon cleansing, cholesterol, fat grabbing, etc.). Drinking plenty of water was really important." Jennie

"It’s warm and springy and I was again reminded of the wonderful outdoor uses of SUNSHINE CONCENTRATE . I spent the afternoon cleaning up my lawn furniture which was effortless with a bucketful of water mixed with Sunshine Concentrate. Everything comes off so easily and I am not concerned about hurting the environment. Then it was car wash time. Did you know that a dot of Sunshine Concentrate on a bug or tar spot just nearly lifts right off? Hardly any scrubbing involved. Thanks Nature’s Sunshine for a great product!" Robin

"I like to work outside in the garden, but would always be so exhausted and ‘washed out’ after only a couple of hours of work. A friend suggested I try PRIME FORM RECOVERY . The taste was so good and the ingredient list looked so nutritious that I thought it would help me in some way, so I ordered some. I was amazed! I drank some before I went out and after three hours of work, I came back in to cool down and have some more. I was able to go back out and work another two hours. I need to share this with some of my fellow seniors!" D.P.

"I ordered some Eyebright Plus because I’ve had some problems with my eyes and liked what was in the formula. I used it as directed, 2 a day, and in two weeks my eyes were so much clearer. I really like it." Mary P.

"I had a history of female problems: Questionable pap tests, heavy menstrual flow, uterus lined with fibroid tumors, I’d had numerous D&C’s, and I was on progesterone to control the bleeding, but it wasn’t doing it. I was bleeding 26 days a month for 6 years. I finally began to hemorrhage so much that my husband took me to the Doctor who said I needed an emergency hysterectomy. Bloodwork showed that my blood count was too low for surgery without transfusions, and after receiving several shots I was told to come back in 3 days for the surgery. We’d heard of herbs and had a friend who used them, so we went to her. I began taking NF-X ( NF-X is no longer available, but you can substitute FEMALE COMFORT ), RED RASPBERRY , CALCIUM PLUS , and LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL . Within 2 weeks the bleeding had stopped. In two months there were no tumors, the pap test was clear, and that was 11 years ago. I feel better than I ever have in my life and I’m thankful for herbs." D. Scott

"I am one of those lucky people who got very noticeable pain relief in less than two weeks using FIBRALGIA . It is still working its magic." Eleanor

"The new year greeted us with the flu and guess who got it the worst? Me! I had to be pretty aggressive fighting it. My sinuses got infected and my ears were bothering me. I was using ECHINACEA/GOLDENSEAL, CC-A, ALJ , etc. and was not being able to control it.

Finally, I put CBG in my nose! I’d heard about doing this on a tape. That did it! I got rid of some pretty disgusting "green" stuff and then I could finally breathe. Within two days, the pain in my face was gone. I also changed to IGS II instead of the ECHINACEA/GOLDENSEAL . The kids had some pretty scary fevers too (104). We are all doing better now. I’m extremely happy we avoided the doctor’s office completely!" G.A.

FUNGUS – In House
Tea Tree Oil kills the spores when diffused into wet areas of the house. I have used it after my basement rug was under an inch of water and never had fungus. I used it when I was getting water in my windowsill with black spores of fungus all around. The tea tree oil was diffused and I have never had a fungus problem. These diffusers are great. Phyllis H.

"I started taking MSM because of my knee and am on my second bottle (I usually only take 2 in the morning). Both my big toenails have had fungus for a very long time. Half of my nail now looks completely normal, it looks like when the other grows out that my nail will be fine. I can only attribute it to the MSM because I am not taking anything else different."  G.C.

Generally, people who are trying to flush out their gall bladder will fast for 24-48 hours on pure apple juice (the ingredient label says, "apple juice" only!). The malic acid in apples is said to break down gall stones. An herbal laxative (Cascara or LBS II ) can be used as needed and Gall Bladder Formula is usually helpful. Usually 2 capsules of Gall Bladder Formula is taken every 2 hours during the fast. One may also wish to take 2 capsules of Hydrangea with it which is a stone solvent. At the end of 2 days at bedtime, drink 1/2 c. cold-pressed olive oil and 1/2 c. fresh-squeezed lemon juice mixed. Immediately go to bed and lie on your right side for at least 1/2 hour before going to sleep. In the morning, if you don’t have a bowel movement, take an enema. You will see dark black or green objects which look like shriveled peas. You may want to continue the apple juice fast another day and do another olive oil & lemon juice flush at bedtime.

"I had been told due to a CAT scan that I needed to have my gall bladder removed. Being only 35 I didn’t want to do that. I had heard there was a cleanse you could do to get rid of gall stones, so this is what I read you could do and I decided to try it:

"Gallstones have been dissolved and flushed out of the body on a 3-day fast with nothing but apple juice throughout the day (not the kind with water from concentrate, but the kind you buy in the Health Food Store that is unfiltered – apples are only ingredient – you need about two gallons). You can water it down so that it’ll last and be filling for you. You can eat raw veggies or fruit if you need to….but nothing that would have fat in it (to cause the gallbladder to have to work). Each evening, right before bed, you take 1/2 c. fresh lemon juice (or frozen Minute Maid in yellow bottle in black box) and 1/2 c. cold-pressed olive oil. Put them in blender with a couple of ice cubes and it will help to emulsify them. Guzzle that down (real fast!) and go right to bed. Lay on your right side and go to sleep. You repeat this process for the 2nd and 3rd day and night. Depending on how many and how large the gall stones are, they’ll begin showing up in the toilet bowl – green or black round balls."

I did the 3 day cleanse twice over two different weekends including fresh apples and carrots, and the bedtime knockout – lemon juice and olive oil cocktail. Well, here’s the great news. I went to the hospital yesterday for my ultrasound and two techs looked and looked and said, ‘There are no stones or blockages here, why would your doctor waste your time and ours?’ I acted innocent, and said, ‘Oh well, I don’t mind the hassle as long as it’s good news.’ Thanks so much for sharing natural health information and saving me from having to have surgery. I feel so much stronger and healthier as I was pro-active in the events being plotted out by the medical community. This just adds to my belief that miracles can happen to those who are willing to let them in." BW

"I thought I would write and give you an experience I had with LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL . Two weeks ago I had an upper GI bleed. I really lost a lot of blood and felt very week and woozy. I took SLIPPERY ELM and also took the last of the NSP Chlorophyll that I had that night. It was Saturday night and I hate the emergency room, so I felt I could take care of it. I got H-p FIGHTER the next day and started on it, and drinking 1 quart of fresh cabbage juice a day that my dear Floyd fixed for me. When Monday came I could not see my doctor, because he was not in the office. I have problems with doctors and decided to wait for him, which ended up being a week. I got another quart of Liquid Chlorophyll and began taking a lot (probably an ounce or more in water about 5 times a day at least). Within 24 hours I felt stronger, and every day felt better. I also used CHAMOMILE tea, GINGER tea, H-p FIGHTER , and the cabbage juice. When I did see the Dr. I told him everything I’d taken. He said it is working, because when he pressed my stomach it did not hurt. He didn’t give me any medicine or make me go through heavy testing. He did a blood test, and when we got the results my hemoglobin was 14, lowest accepted normal is 12.5 according to my lab sheet. In l997 mine was 15. When the nurse told me, she said he said everything looks good, and to remember what I did and keep doing it. He told me I was braver than he, since he would’ve put me in the hospital had he been here. It made me feel really good that I was able to take care of such a serious problem. Also made me appreciate you folks for helping me with my herbal education. Thanks again. You may use this experience if you like." S.C.  (Tea can be made from any of the capsules if opened into a cup and boiling water is added.)


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