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Keep in mind that these are personal testimonials. These are not health claims for any of the products shown. We provide them for an educational understanding of how herbs and supplemens can be used. These success stories have been submitted to us over the years at our retail store and more recently via email. Please add common sense when using natural remedies.

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"My little girl began having daily seizures at 15 months old after immunization shots. When she was 4 years old I decided to try herbs. I began giving her VALERIAN and LOBELIA . Her seizures stopped and have not returned. It’s been 8 months!" M.A.

" My husband had been on Dilantin for many years having had seizures since he was a child. He was really concerned about the side effects and decided to try something herbally to get off the medication. He used LOBELIA capsules daily as a maintenance program and used LOBELIA ESSENCE if he felt the symptoms of a seizure coming on. The extract could be placed under the tongue and absorbed into the blood quickly. It has done a wonderful job for him and he’s been off the medication for several years now and hasn’t had a problem. I’m told that people who don’t need Lobelia will throw it up because it acts as an emetic. His body obviously needed a lot of it because this has never happened to him." D.S.


"My child was six years old and began having "skin problems." We had a neighbor who was a dermatologist so I took him down there and he said it was shingles. I’d heard nightmare stories about that and he did inform me that since he was so young and had them, he would have problems with them for the rest of his life. I was already familiar with what herbs could do so he began taking HSN-W to feed the skin, Stress-J and NUTRI CALM for the nerves and VS-C to kill the herpes virus. In two weeks it was totally cleared up and it’s been four years now and he’s never had another problem. I’m thankful for what the herbs are able to do for the body." K.J.

E.C. has Incomplete Herpes Complex, which falls under the category of a shingles-type problem. Frequently she breaks out in a rash on her hip and it remains there for several days to a week. When she got VS-C for her cats F.I.V. she decided to use the formula herself also. When she had another flare up of her herpes problem she started taking VS-C and it lasted one day and was gone. Even her husband was impressed. To my knowledge she hasn’t had any other flare ups since.

"I had an unexpected sinus/allergy attack. It began over the weekend with irritated sinuses and scratchy throat. It escalated on Monday and I took a Claritin, which did nothing to relieve my symptoms. While at work, my HistaBlock arrived. I took two with lunch and two with dinner. I stayed home on Tuesday and took two with each meal. This morning, I’m feeling much better. My symptoms have disappeared." Joanne

"I’ve had allergies all my life since elementary school. I used Bayer Aspirin then on a daily basis for sinus infections. As an adult I tried allergy shots and antibiotics and nothing helped. I ended up in the hospital when the infections advanced to the ears, throat and lungs. I stopped in "The Herbs Place" two years ago and began using ECHINACEA and FENUGREEK & THYME . It takes a while to get into your system and begin to correct things, but I haven’t had a problem for the two years I’ve been using this program. I had a nodule on my tonsil that was just ‘always there’ and it has gone away also. I’m very excited about herbs." S. Godwin

"I used to have sinus headaches regularly. I began using FENUGREEK & THYME and I don’t have a problem any more. As soon as I feel the pressure building, I begin the herbs every hour and I’m completely relieved within a few hours." M. Moffett

"My son had a sinus infection and a severe headache. I gave him two SINUS SUPPORT and two FENUGREEK & THYME every three hours. The headache stopped and in 3-4 days the infection was completely gone." B.R.

"My son’s sinus problems have cleared up using SINUS SUPPORT and ALJ ." D. Hines

"I have had sinus problems for years and began using SINUS SUPPORT . It has stopped the coughing and ‘harking’ I did throughout the day." J.A.

"The HistaBlock works WONDERS! I used the HistaBlock during all three meals (instead of two as they suggested) and today, I feel great! I love it!" Joanne

"My husband, Dave, has been using the ALJ for his sinuses for about a week. He told me that since he’s been taking the ALJ , he’s been able to breathe at night and, therefore, get a good night’s sleep. It seems to have dried up the excessive mucous in his sinuses. I was so thrilled to hear this!" J.N.

"Floyd went to the Dr. because he had a suspicious growth on his ear. The Dr. took one look at it and said "BASAL CELL CARCINOMA" and referred him to another Dr. who charged $106 to refer him to a plastic surgeon who said "surgery and skin graft." Every one we saw said "pretty sure Basal Cell Carcinoma," but would need test to prove it, yet nobody did a biopsy. The plastic surgeon said he had to get a physical before he would touch him. It took 2 weeks to get a physical, and another week to get the results, so in that time, I took matters into my own hands. I started bathing that skin cancer with peroxide, then swabbing it good with fresh ALOE VERA juice. I mixed GARLIC and SLIPPERY ELM bark together and coated it with that. I did this about 4 times a day, and pretty soon the thing started to turn brown like it was dying. After a couple of weeks it started to turn loose on the top side and a crevice kept getting larger until after 3 weeks it dried up to the size of a bb and fell off. It is as hard as can be – I still have it. His ear is beautiful, has a small scab about the size of a match stem. I continue to put my "concoction" on it just in case there is any of it left. Nothing is brown, it is perfectly normal in color." Shirley

"I am fair skinned and have always used sunscreen and avoided the direct sun as much as possible….about 4 months ago a "suspicious" spot showed up on my forehead…it had the look of a pimple that would not heal, which is the first clue that an abnormality may be skin cancer according to what the doctor told me. Instead of getting a biopsy (yuk!) I asked a good friend to believe with me about it going away. I decided to use Pau d’Arco lotion on it whenever I could remember which usually was about once or twice a day/every other day for about two weeks. I noticed one day that it had turned to a hard lump and it itched. I couldn’t help scratching it and it opened up and I pulled out a white stringy type piece of tissue….it bled slightly and went flat immediately. It seemed to heal instantly, never scabbed over, but the skin grew back within an hour or so. I was so amazed that I kept "feeling for it" for a week to see if it would come back. It is gone, I don’t have an "abnormality" as the doc called it and I believe it was due to the Pau d’Arco and my friend "believing" with me for it to be removed." -Robin in Atlanta

"As soon as I began to go through menopause it seemed my skin began to "die." It began looking "weathered" and didn’t have any elasticity in it any more. At a lecture I was told you could find out if you needed antioxidants by grabbing a piece of skin on the top of your hand with two fingers from your opposite hand, and if it popped right back down, you didn’t need antioxidants. If it kinda crawled back down, you need antioxidants. Mine took its good old time going down and I was already using Vitamins A, C and E, so I was surprised. I decided to begin taking HI-POTENCY GRAPINE so I could saturate myself with the beneficial properties. I began slow taking one a day for a week and then going up to two a day. After a couple of months on it, I’ve noticed that the skin on my legs and arms are beginning to look new again. My face had begun to have large pores and I’ve never had oily skin. The pores are also beginning to shrink and look smooth again. I’m really excited about the outward benefits of taking Grapine , but I’m sure it’s doing many more exciting things on the inside too." Donna

"I am enjoying the Bee Pollen . It seems to be helping my almost 48 year old skin to look 20 years younger." Maryann S.

"Just wanted to let you know that after one day of taking Valerian Root capsules there was enough of a change in our sleep patterns to convince us to continue the Valerian Root . We took one at each meal and then noticed that our sleep patterns had changed. We only got up once during the night to go the the restroom instead of the regular 5 trips apiece! The next day we took one at lunch and 2 at night before bed. Again, we slept more rested, my husband did not snore, and I got up only once and my husband not at all. Just wanted to say thank you!" J.C. from Texas

"I closed the motor home door on my thumb and it was hurting so bad on the way home. I carry a small bottle of the TEI FU OIL with me all the time, so I put a few drops on my thumb and rubbed it in for a minute and it quit hurting and hasn’t hurt since and isn’t even sore. There’s only a very small blue spot under my nail." Virginia D.

"I began taking LOBELIA and NUTRI CALM and I’m licking the smoking habit. When I used to try to stop smoking, I’d put on weight. Not this time, I lost 2 pounds the first week." C.A.

"I heard an herbalist in Ohio say that the craving for tobacco was a nutrient deficiency of Vitamin B3 or Niacin. The molecules were very similar: nicotine and nicotinic acid. I began Nature’s Sunshine’s NIACIN and B COMPLEX to balance the B vitamins. I used 1 of each three times a day. I noticed I was feeling much calmer. I also used LOBELIA-ST. JOHN’S WORT to begin detoxifying my body from the damage I had done by smoking. It really did take the craving away and I was able to quit." Jim W.

"A customer got LOBELIA-ST. JOHN’S WORT 2 weeks ago and reports he hasn’t smoked since. He’d tried patches and gum and never had 24 hours of success. He used it a lot the first day, then 3-4x/day for a few days and then per label instructions. He says, "It’s a whole lot cheaper and works 1,000 times better than patches or gum." Reported by Donna Waktins

This is an essential oil "recipe" to quit smoking:
10 drops thyme , 10 drops ylang ylang , 10 drops pine

Mix in with a bit of massage oil and apply to body or enjoy the smell. One person who quit smoking with this essential oil formula and using LOBELIA-ST. JOHN’S WORT herbal combination said that the smell of this combination made his mouth water like a cigarette does and was very satisfying to him. Reported by Louise Allred

"We have an old shower and there was a smell that I just couldn’t get rid of no matter what I tried. I even used TEA TREE OIL and Pine Oil without much success. I then tried using LEMON OIL along with the Baking Soda I had tried and it was a perfect match! I now put 3-4 T. of baking soda on the ledge along with 10 drops of Lemon Oil and dip in there as I wash the shower. Keeps the odor away till I clean again about a week or so later. Finally a solution and naturally, of course!" Susan C.

"Mike used the PRIME FORM RECOVERY during a triathelon and he finished the race with a personal best! While all the other athletes (who were drinking Gatorade and eating power bars and gels) were dead on the ground with no energy, Mike was walking around like nothing had occurred but a stroll in the park!! We also gave some to friends who where first time triathletes. They said that they would not have finished the race if it hadn’t been for the Recovery drink. I hesitate to share this because I really feel this drink is a secret weapon in having a better race than the other athletes." J.S.

"When I get something in my flesh that needs to come out, I put a glob of BLACK OINTMENT on there and put a bandage over it. It’s amazing how it will draw the offender out so it can easily be removed. It also removes the soresness and and irritation from the offending item." R.S.

"I got up running from the couch and caught my little toe under a chair leg and sprained it and the outside portion of my foot really bad. I didn’t have the usual things I’d take, so I took TEI FU LOTION and covered the side of my foot and toes with it. It immediately helped the horrible pain. I put it on hourly until bedtime a few hours later and even woke up during the night and applied more. The next two days I stayed off it as much as I could. Half my foot was purple and red, but it never swelled and I could walk on it. This was an exciting discovery about Tei Fu Lotion!" Donna Watkins

"On January 25, 1998, I twisted my ankle and ended up with a cast when the Dr. said I’d sprained ligaments and tendons and had a chipped fracture. I was informed I’d have it on for 6 weeks. I began taking Bone/Skin Poultice and PLS II and praying for healing. I went back on February 10 (16 days later) for my check-up. They removed the cast to take x-rays and I walked to the room. Can you believe they said I didn’t need the cast back on! Wow! I was so excited. I continued to take the herbs knowing I would need support for the rest of the healing process. Herbs Really Work!" S. O’Brien

"We use PRIME FORM RECOVERY when someone in the family has been sick with a stomach virus. It really helps us to bounce back quickly by replacing the electrolytes." J.S.

"I woke up one day with an extremely infected, bleeding, loose tooth. The dentist said I had periodontal disease and needed immediate gum surgery or I’d lose all my teeth. I read my herb book and found herbs used for this were GOLDENSEAL, WHITE OAK BARK and BLACK WALNUT (restores tooth enamel). I used a capsule of Goldenseal in my Water Pik every night to get it under my gum. Then I moistened my toothbrush and put Black Walnut on it to brush. After rinsing I brushed with White Oak Bark. I also took 2 capsules of each herb 2x a day. This was 7 years ago. I have healthy gums and teeth and have never had surgery." Irene R. Note: We’ve had success using these herbs as a tea swished around for several minutes 3x/day and then swallowed. Empty 1 capsule Goldenseal and two each of White Oak Bark and Black Walnut into a cup. Pour one cup boiling water over and allow to cool. Swish and swallow 3-4 times daily. This is a bit simpler than the dedicated approach Irene took.

"I’ve been working on gaining back my health with the wonderful products you sell. When I first purchased your products, I was fighting a serious bacterial infection in my gums. My goal was to prepare my oral health to be able to handle a root canal. The products have been a success. I used the White Willow Bark and ASP II for pain. The other products I’ve been using are: Spirulina, Golden Seal, Black Walnut, B Complex, BP-X, and Co-Enzyme Q10 . I had my teeth cleaned today and had a good report from the hygienist. Thanks for carrying such wonderful products. God Bless You Both." Mary Ann

"I had read somewhere that Tea Tree Oil was helpful when removing ticks. Stephanie, our youngest, has had three ticks so far. All three times, I’ve put some Tea Tree Oil on the tick and waited until the tick let go so I could flush it down the toilet. It worked everytime! It takes about 30 seconds but I like the fact that I don’t have to worry about getting "all of it out". It must be very toxic to them. I love it!" Giselle

"While I was visiting my grandmother, she told me she was having problems urinating. She said it had been since the day before that she had passed urine even after drinking water. I was alarmed that she didn’t say anything before to someone. She knew I was using natural remedies and asked if I knew of something she could use. I had PARSLEY at the house and took her some. She took it and within two hours she was able to pass the urine. She’s on so much medication, it was nice to find a natural alternative." Giselle A.

"Robert, my husband, was playing in the backyard with the kids when he stepped on a red wasp and was stung. It was really bothering him, and he asked me what he could take. His foot was swelling and he began to feel nauseous. I wasn’t sure so we called my sister-in-law who told us he could put 5 drops of BLACK WALNUT EXTRACT under his tongue and then repeat in 25 minutes. We could hardly believe the results. They were almost immediate. His foot quit swelling and went back to normal and he felt fine. Thanks so much for all that you do. I continue to learn from your newsletter and I visit your website frequently." G.M.

"I began the first week of my weight-loss program with NATURE’S CLEANSE . It’s a great start for any diet plan, as it helps rid the body of toxins. The following six weeks I took FEN CHI and FAT GRABBERS . Fen Chi really curbs my appetite and is a tremendous help for my cravings. "I have lost a total of 38 pounds, 4 dress sizes, and 20 inches. I feel great! My friends call me "skinny." People tell me how good I look, then ask me how I do it. That provides me the opportunity to share my success story and help somebody else do the same." L.S.

"The weight-loss is going very well. My appetite is curbed. I don’t feel like snacking as much as I used to. And I FEEL LIGHTER. I know I’ve lost weight. My size 18 jeans are swimming on me and my skirts fit comfortably. My goal is to get back down to a size 12 (like I was when I got married). I know I’m well on my way. I’ve been using the METABOMAX for breakfast and lunch and the SF for dinner. Then I take two more SF tablets before going to bed. I figure it might burn fat while I sleep. Anyway, it’s working really well. I’m very excited. I’ve been overweight for five years now. I think that the herbs I’m taking is straightening out my system and also improving my thyroid function, which may also explain for the weight loss. All I know for sure is that Nature’s Sunshine is the best thing that has ever happened to me with regards to my health! Thank you so much!" J.N.

"My husband and I started taking the FEN CHI and the FAT GRABBERS on Thursday the 29th of April and as of this morning, the 3rd of May he has lost 7 pounds and I have lost 6. They seem to be working!" BJ

"I started taking the FEN CHI on Monday and today is Thursday. Unless my scales are wrong I have dropped 12 pounds. I even quit smoking on Monday and usually all you want to do when you quit smoking is eat. I hope this continues. The one thing that I like about the FEN CHI is that it keeps you from feeling hungry. You can eat litely and still feel full." Betty

"I just got back from a neighbors house. She had ordered the Chinese FEN CHI from me. She told me her husband wants to sign up with Nature’s Sunshine, so I dropped off an application. Her husband said that he has been taking the Fen Chi for himself and has noticed such a difference in his energy level. He mentioned it to people he works with and they wanted to try it, so he shared with them and they love it. He said some of the guys work 50+ days straight without any time off and they need something for energy. He said they feel "alive" again!" L.C.

"I started the NATURE’S THERMO TRIM weight-loss program weighing in at 184 pounds. Now that I have completed two months of Thermo-Trim with one week of cleansing in between, I am proud to say I now weigh 164 pounds. I have lost 20 pounds and dropped two complete dress sizes – the inches have just disappeared. I feel great! I confess that I didn’t work out or change my eating habits. The ingredients in this program work wonders for suppressing the appetite. When I did eat I wasn’t nearly as hungry as I anticipated." Wendy

"I tipped the scale at 275 pounds to go along with my 48-inch waist. Because my stomach was often upset, I ate antacids like they were candy. I looked and felt terrible. Then my daughter asked if I had heard of Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP). She told me she had lost 27 pounds and was still losing. I decided to give it a try. I started with FEN-CHI , FAT GRABBERS , LBS II and COLLATRIM LIQUID . I lost 7 pounds immediately and gained a tremendous amount of motivation. To date, I have lost 40 pounds and my choleserol level is down to a healthy 175. My waist is down to 40 inches, and I haven’t taken an antacid tablet since I started on the NSP weight-loss program. I never feel hungry while following the program, nor do I count calories. In fact, once a week I treat myself to a pizza, but then I follow up by sticking to my eating plan. I eat a healthy amount of fruit and vegetables. I have a lot of energy and feel great about myself. My friends all say I look wonderful. I’ve regained my self-respect!" H.W.

"I began the first week of my weight-loss program with NATURE’S CLEANSE . A cleanse is a great start for any diet plan, as it helps rid the body of toxins. The following six weeks I took FEN-CHI and FAT GRABBERS . Fen Chi really curbs my appetite and is a tremendous help for my cravings. I have lost a total of 38 pounds, 4 dress sizes, and 20 inches. I feel great! My friends call me "skinny." People tell me how good I look, then ask me how I do it. That provides me the opportunity to share my success story and help somebody else do the same." L.S.

"I began taking FEN CHI , FAT GRABBERS , SUPER SUPPLEMENTAL Vitamins and Minerals, and COLLATRIM (all of these products are part of the Nature’s THERMO-TRIM program). I experienced a steady loss of about 3-5 pounds per week. Fen Chi made me feel more energized and allowed me to feel satisfied eating less. During the program, I broke my foot which put me in a wheelchair and then a cast for three months which meant I wasn’t able to exercise, yet I continued losing weight because the supplements worked." G.S.

"I’ve been using the NATURE’S SYNER-SLIM program and have lost 35 pounds and 21 inches in about four months. I lost 8 inches off my waist and have dropped three dress sizes. On other diets, I always felt like I was starving. On Syner-Slim, I haven’t been hungry. I try to eat about 1,500 calories a day, but it’s easy to do when I eat healthy, balanced meals. I also walk four miles three times a week. I’m really happy with this program. It’s been easier to lose weight than I ever expected. I used to have a closet full of clothes that didn’t fit me. Now I’m wearing them again and getting lots of compliments." S.N.

"I began using SF , ALL CELL DETOX , GlanDiet, FAT GRABBERS , and Chinese FEN-CHI . When the NATURE’S SYNER-SLIM was announced, I switched to it since it had all the products in convenient packages and they take up very little space when I travel. I’m watching my fat intake, reading labels, eating smaller portions, and drinking lots of water. I try to eat a salad every day and get exercise when I can. The products keep my metabolism going and I feel good. I’ve been able to wear clothes I haven’t been able to wear. Before it was difficult to bend down and pick something up off the floor. Now my endurance is much better. I am encouraged to go on!" T.B.

"I started walking in early July to help relieve stress and I wanted to lose the 15 pounds I gained in the past 2 years. By the end of July I was running part of the 2 mile route and eventually worked up to running over 2 miles 4-5 days a week. I certainly was feeling better and even noticed some improvements in the way my clothes fit, but the old scale hadn’t budged a pound. I continued to exercise and I ran my first 5K in October. It was about that time that I read about 7-KETO . I started taking it as recommended – just 1 a day. I still exercise, but it is much harder since the weather is colder and school activities take away my available time. I am lucky to run twice a week. The good news is that I have almost finished my second bottle of 7-Keto and I have lost 12 pounds. I have not changed my (horrible) eating habits , although there are many times that I am not hungry, and I try not to eat "just because." I am thrilled with the results! Pants that were almost "too little" now need a belt to hold them up! This has been the easiest weight loss I have ever experienced." Valerie A.

"Since I started on FEN CHI I have lost about 50+/- pounds (I don’t know for sure since I don’t really know what I weighed when I started, but the 50 pound figure is in the ball park). Along with takingNature’s Sunshine Vitamin and Mineral Supplements and CALCIUM and using the FAT GRABBERS , I feel great, and am starting to look that way too! I have gone from a 26" waist to a 20" waist. I have a long way to go yet, but this is a good start. I have so much more energy, and my knees and back don’t bother me nearly as much. I am exercising and playing golf with my hubby now, something I couldn’t do before. As I turned 50 I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!! I am on the road to recovery healthwise and spiritually as well (much of that due to the A More Excellent Way Book )." MB

"I battled with recurring infections and yeast problems and the antibiotics didn’t even help. I grew up in the "hospital environment" since both my parents are medical technologists, but nothing was working. A nurse suggested I try a natural approach and I didn’t even know what she was talking about. I read a few books and decided to try GARLIC, VITAMIN C, and ACIDOPHILUS . To my amazement, it worked! When I had another problem, I stopped into "The Herbs Place" and bought some ECHINACEA to use as a natural antibiotic. It worked! I was hooked! We haven’t used antibiotics since the summer of 1997. I’ve built an Herbal Medicine Chest so I can handle problems as soon as they arise. I have 3 children and need to be prepared." Giselle