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Slow Running Cold Water in Washing Machine

Lately, whenever we run a load of clothes in the washing machine on the cold setting, the water just trickles into the machine.  The cold water flow from all of the other faucets is normal.  My husband has tried to clear the line into the washing machine, but cannot find any debris.  Does anyone out there have any ideas on what is wrong and how we can fix it ourselves?  Thanks!

We had the same problem and this is what we do every few months now.  Turn the water off and disconnect the hose from the washing machine.  Inside the hose connection at the washing machine are small screens.  they need to be pulled out with a pick or tweezers (be careful not to damage them) and cleaned.   Sediment and water deposits settle there and prevent the flow of the water.  Hope this works for you! –Isabelle

There are some little screens in the ends of your hoses that may be clogged. –Judy

Have you tried checking the water filter trap screens on the back of the machine where the hoses are connected? Sometimes they get clogged with hard water deposits.  –Jay


We just had this problem.  It was a part called the water inlet valve, where the hoses connect to the washing machine.  It was a $15-20 part.  Write down the model # of your washer and go to an appliance parts store. 

Mine did this also.  I pulled the hose off of the washer, the cold water hose, and removed the screen that goes into the washer.  It didn’t look that dirty, but cleaned it anyway.  That fixed it.

Behind our machine, right where the hose meets the washing machine line, there is a filter.  It’s a tiny wire filter, but my dh takes it out whenever I think the water flow is slowing down, and I clean it.  He puts it back in and it’s as good as new.  Other than that, I don’t know what to tell you.  Hope it helps!! ~Jonna~

This happened to me a few years ago. First, we checked the screen at the end of the hose, to make sure it wasn’t clogged. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a switch in the machine, which regulates the incoming hot and cod water. The switch cost $25 (4 years ago)
+ labor for a total of $80. Hopefully, your husband is handy and can replace the switch himself. (Mine was working out of town at the time…) L. Rehrig

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  1. I found my inlet clogged with rust and debris that obviously came from my cold water outlet. . To remove the screen on the inlet of my LG waher I had to pull it out with needle nose plies. This wasn’t easy because of the crap that built up around it, lodging it in place. But, once I got it out, all the rust and debris out, cleaned the LG screen, reinstalled it… water flowed MUCH faster! This will actually make washing go faster because my washer won’t need to wait as long for the water level to rise.

    Thanks to all who posted this fix before me.

    FYI: I got into this after replacing my bearing on my LG front load washer. I should have looked at the inlet screen when I had the washer in my garage. It’s a tighter fit and more difficult to work on in my tiny laundry room.

    Best link to bearing replacement:

  2. I did this today, and my washer runs like new now!!!!!! Thank you. I was planning on buying a new washer just because of the water flow. I wonder how many others bought a new washer not knowing this.

  3. Just had the same problem with my inlet valve. Swapped it out, not because of sediment collecting, but due to corrosion on the coils. So if your hoses are clear, and the screen is also, check the coils.

    Also, it’s a wise idea to swap out any hoses made of rubber for steel or threaded ones instead. Will last longer, and have almost zero potential for rupturing.

    1. If the water won’t stop filling with water than u have a setting problem. The load size setting is actually controlled by air pressure. If u remove the front cover of the machine, u should see a long clear rubber tube on the left side of the drum that is plugged into a overflowbox on the side of the washer drum. The tube runs all the way back up to ur load setting switch. (No need to actually follow it, just an f.y.i.)Sometimes that hose gets gummed up with sludge, not allowing the machine to read the correct air pressure. Pull the hose off the box on the machine drum, clean out the end of it with a pick and reattach the hose. The air pressure will be read accurately and the machine will stop filling as it should.

  4. I came home after two weeks away and did one load of wash that was coated in sediment. No problems before I went away. I did some test runs of just the rinse and spin cycles and there is more sediment every time even though I wipe out the sediment each time. Would this also be a filter problem? By the way, the water flowing in does not have sediment in it now. I filled a jar with it and also look inside the machine after it fills with water and before it agitates during the rinse cycle. No sediment until it agitates. Did sediment come in during my first load and get stuck somewhere inside the washer so that now it keeps cleaning out when it agitates? Or is this a filter problem also? Someone told me there was a big wind storm while we were gone which may have caused more sediment to be in the water, but it seems like the filter would have filtered it out. And now the water coming in is clean and water in other parts of the house is clean. I’ve run test cycles about 7 times snd still there is at least a teaspoon of sediment left after spinning. Help!

  5. hi I need to replace the inlet valve on my very old washer.Model F& p 601. Have tested solenoid a and ok but I can’t get the inlet valve free of the washing machine.Anyone know how to get them out?

  6. i have a maytag washing machine, I have replaced the water inlet value because when I sit the controls to cold wash cold rinse, with the hot water hose off. when the machine starts to fill up cold water runs out of the hot water hose plus the cold water hose as well. what do I nee to check for now? thanks

  7. Just bought a “new to me” LG front loader and after I ran the second load, cold water will fill the drum, even when the machine is off. I had to shut off my cold water to prevent the washer from filling up. Any ideas as to what this may be? I am using different water hoses (not the original LG hoses that came with the machine). Would that be the cause?

  8. Hey there anybody have any idea what will happen to my lg top loader if I leave the filters out of the cold water inlet.? I have swapped the hot & cold hoses because it wouldn’t fill on cold. Just put a load on & it seems to be filling ok on the hot cycle. Maybe it will stop at the rinse cycle because it needs cold

      1. I think I’m gonna do that as well. I just got a new inlet valve and I was worried it wouldn’t read the water level right if they were removed. From the looks of it there isn’t any sensors by the filters.

      2. Eventually the sediment you were cleaning out of the filters will build up in the inlet valve, then they get stuck in the open position and the washer won’t stop filling. Which will flood your house, and most insurances won’t pay for that type of damage. If anyone is considering this you probably shouldn’t. That’ would be a much larger ordeal than screen cleaning.

    1. Hey i was wondering how you fixed this problem? My hot water works fine but when i start the load with cold water the water comes out really slow. Then after like 3 min. The water stops.?

  9. If it’s not your valve or screens, then check your hoses and see if they’re connected to the hot and cold on the back of the washer machine.
    Older houses may have the hot and cold on opposite sides. My washer was brand new from Rent-A-Center and after they installed it, it was hooked up wrong.

  10. Changed the screen an ran like new. Although I tried to be gentle with the screen, it broke. They have them 2 in a pack for 2 bucks at home depot. They have a metal screen with a rubber bushing that you can put straight into the hose. Anyone can do it, and way better than the original plastic ones.

  11. I only have one complaint (well two, but that’s another story…) older, toploading, non-electronic Maytag washer. Soon after I got it the hot water flow reduced and I have always had to clean out the hot water screen once a month to prevent the water from trickling in. Two filters on both hot and cold in hose and on intake. No problem with cold water. Fast forward 10 years. Finally I’m tired of cleaning it out so frequently. Repairman put in new intake valve. It was like a new washer. Within a month back to the same old tricks. I brush the screens, use vinegar to soak, even limeaway. What comes next?

  12. We have cleaned out the screens, cold water still not working but hot is.

    We hardly ever use hot. I am wondering if in the meantime – I can just swap the hoses? Just until I get it fixed, so I can use it for now.

    It’s a Fisher & Paykel, about 8 years old.

  13. We have replaced the water inket valve, replaced the hose, put screens in both ends of the hose… it runs 3 loads of clothes with water coming out great them the water starts trickling out. We clean the screen and hoses and it works for 2 -3 loads and does it again. We are on a well. Could there be dirt clogging something else. My husband thinks dirt is coming in from the well pump since recently there was a water line fixed.this is so irritating. I need suggestions please.

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