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      I have looked at advice given to others and it doesn’t seem to fit my cat.  I have two cats, both female and turning and 6 years old.  They have been together their whole life and think of themselves as sisters, although they are not related.  The one cat peed on the carpet when she was very young for a while.  It passed and we lived for years in urine-free peace.  Last year, she started to pee again.  We had her in our bathroom for nearly half a year.  The peeing in our living room and bedrooms seemed to have past for a little bit after taking her out of the bathroom.  We figured that it was a territorial thing, there had been a boy cat walking around that side of the house before.  For the past couple months she has been peeing in our living room continuosly.  We have tried various things such as Natures Miracle, Pet Zyme, and Oderzout.  The peeing has continued and the places multiplied.  We are now resorting to keeping her in the bathroom until we find out what is wrong.  My cat has had 2 surgeries, one for swallowing some kind of foam, and the other from swallowing some kind of string.  The second surgery was when they found out that she had crystals in her bladder.  She has been on the urinary healthy food.  She has seemed to be fine for a while and has been to the Vet previously and has found nothing wrong.  She is going to the vet after Christmas.  If her problems and solutions are not found out soon, we may have to give her away.   Please, if you have anything to say, post something.  For Junebug’s sake.  —Julz


        Check the Critters section, I responded in that post you made.


          Have you read the information on this site?

          Also, this website of a friend of mine has a lot of articles on behavior issues for dogs and cats.  There’s one for litter box issues also:

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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