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Success Stories A-D – Read About Natural Solution Results

Success Stories A-D
Read About Natural Solution Results


 Keep in mind that these are personal testimonials. These are not health claims for any of the products shown. We provide them for an educational understanding of how herbs and supplemens can be used. These success stories have been submitted to us over the years at our retail store and more recently via email. Please add common sense when using natural remedies.

For more information on the products, search for the product name on The Herbs Place site. Due to FDA and FTC laws we can’t provide a direct link to the products

"I have acid reflux and the medicine wasn’t working, so a friend told me to get STOMACH COMFORT because it had worked for her. I did and it started to help real quick and does the job. I love to eat!" M.Sill

"I had a horrible, horrible case of acid reflux. I took 12 INTESTINAL SOOTHE AND BUILD a day — 3 at each meal and 3 at bedtime — for 3-4 months and then I was able to reduce the amount. I also took the FOOD ENZYMES and also BIFIDOPHILUS It was those 3 things plus God that resulted in my complete recovery from the problem. Praise the Lord!" A.B.


"I am so thrilled with my success using FOOD ENZYMES, STOMACH COMFORT, and HSN-W . I’ve been using Food Enzymes religiously for about a month. This week, for the first time since I started Food Enzymes, I decided not to take my daily Prevacid tablet (I’ve had horrible Reflux Disease for six years). I haven’t taken any Prevacid for 4 days and I’m FINE! No reflux. A little belching, but nothing like I usually experience when I stop my medication. This is a MIRACLE! I truly believe that if I continue taking the Food Enzymes, I’ll never have to take Prevacid again! HSN-W is already making a difference in my skin and hair. I also noticed I’ve been losing weight. That’s why I just ordered SF and NATURE’S CLEANSEature’s Cleanse . I want to cleanse my system, lose weight, and GET HEALTHY. Along with this, I have been reading "Healing In His Wings." It is changing my life! Thank you for being my angel. This is all because of you … and God!" Joanne

"My teenager really broke out with acne. We decided to give him 2 LIV-J three times the first day. Then for a few days he drank a tea made of the LIV-J, a few swallows each day, so he wouldn’t cleanse too quickly. Then he went back to 2 of each per day for 5 days. By then his face was almost entirely free and clear of acne." C.J.B.

"I had read that acne comes from toxic blood so I decided to cleanse my son’s blood to see if it would clear up his skin problem. I used BP-X which is what the girl at the herb shop said was being used successfully by others with acne problems. It did the job!" B.C.

"I grab my BLACK OINTMENT when I get an occasional female breakout. It draws out the toxicity and readily clears up the imperfections. It’s not something you would wear under makeup (it is a bit greasy), but it’s great for around the house or during the night." R.S.

"Somebody recommended Stress-J for my 8-year-old son’s ADD problem. This was my first exposure to herbs, but I didn’t like the effects the Ritalin was having on him, so I was willing to try something natural. I couldn’t believe how much difference the herbs made and neither could he. He is now off the Ritalin and he keeps his herbs at the school office and has permission to take them as he feels he needs them. What a difference in our home life and teacher relationships!" M. Bishop

"My 11-year-old son struggled with grades due to concentration problems. I used 1 Nature’s Sunshine GINKGO BILOBA Time-Release & 1 B-COMPLEX per day. He’s now making A/B Honor Roll for the first time in his life. I tried another brand and it didn’t do the job, so I’m sticking to my original program." M.H.

"My daughter (age 11) lost 12 lbs. in six (6) months using Dexadrene (10 mg./day) for ADD. I decided to try GINKGO-GOTU KOLA Concentrate . I gave her 1 in the morning and 1/2 after school. She even has better grades now than with the drug and is regaining the weight she had lost."  P.W.

"I had used Lavender Oil to take away my chronic muscle pain and headaches, so I decided to try FOCUS BLEND Essential Oils for our ADHD child. It has really made a difference in his concentration and schoolwork." D. Goodman "I decided to try herbs for my 4-year-old hyperactive-ADD son. I began using Stress-J LIQUID since he couldn’t swallow pills. I used 10 drops of each 3 times a day. We also changed his diet eliminating sugar and red coloring. In 2 months we noticed a difference; now 6 months later we don’t have a problem as long as we use the herbs. One day I forgot the herbs when I dropped him off at the day care center. There was panic in his eyes and in his teacher’s eyes. They both knew how key these herbs were to his well-being." G.W.

"I’ve been an alcoholic since I was a teen. I tried willpower, prayer, Alcoholics Anonymous, etc., for more than 30 years without success. Then I read about Harvard Medical School’s study on Kudzu Root . Two chemicals within the root suppress or eliminate the craving for alcohol. Desperate, I tried some and it worked! I’ve been sober for 10 months. I didn’t think it would really happen." M.E. 

"I used LIV-J and ALJ for my allergies. The liver must neutralize all poisons and toxins that enter the bloodstream or they cause allergies, so a liver combination is an important part of an allergy program. I’ve had excellent results." M. Baldwin

"My seven-year-old boy was never able to play and roll in the grass due to allergies. We used ALJ . Now he can play in the grass all he wants with no allergy problems." B. Hawkins "Me and my son, Tony, have always had an allergy condition. Now they’ve been brought under control using BEE POLLEN and SINUS SUPPORT . Bee Pollen must be started in small quantities as it builds resistance to pollens similar to the way allergy shots work." Mac Cicak "I’ve had hayfever problems since I was a child and medications would always make me tired and groggy. I’ve been using SINUS SUPPORT for many years with excellent results. It even takes away the itchy eyes." D.P.

"My nose was running all the time and I’d cough every 20 minutes. I began using ALJ and within 24 hours the cough had stopped and the running was slowed. In 48 hours, the drainage has completely stopped. I’d had a continual sore throat from the drainage and that is 70% improved to." Jesse A.

"A friend recommended I try Aloe Vera and I bought some of the WHOLE LEAF ALOE VERA and took it twice a day as mentioned. I could tell a difference in only a week on my energy, blood pressure, and it helped my bowels. I love that Aloe Vera!" Veronica S.

"I stopped in The Herbs Place on recommendation of a friend to get some ideas for my mother who has Alzheimer’s. I talked with Randal and also read some materials on the research table and decided to use BRAIN PROTEX since it was the most potent. She used it according to directions, and by the end of the first bottle the entire family could tell there was a difference. I just came back to buy two more bottles and wanted to let you know how excited I am that’s there’s something natural that is REALLY helping her." S. Mason

ANXIETY ATTACKS "I wanted to let you know I think the Stress-J is working! I ran out on vacation and started feeling a little uneasy when I get up (I have mild to severe anxiety/panic attacks when I wake up). So, I ordered again and hope I will notice the difference again. I also order the liquid for my daughter. She has always suffered with tummy trouble. Had her checked out and they don’t find a problem, so I think it’s a combination of foods and stress. Looked at the website and thought this would be great for her, especially since she is not good with pills. She also just started high school and we all remember how those days can be. Best to you and your great products!" Chris

"I wanted to see if LAVENDER OIL would help me get to sleep and stay asleep. I ordered the MASSAGE OIL because of the excellent oils it contains to use as a carrier base for the Lavender. I mixed 1/4 bottle of Lavender to the bottle of Massage Oil and used it at bedtime. I didn’t realize until the end of the next day that besides getting a wonderful night’s sleep, my shoulders that normally reach for my ear lobes due to tightness had not bothered me all day, and it was a deadline kind of day at the office. I had sailed through it like it was no big deal. The real interesting thing is that the effects lasted for two days. By the way, I’ve rubbed it on various area and am now finding that my dry skin is gone!" Barbara

"I have a friend who suffers from arthritis. I thought SAM-e might help with her condition, so I gave her a bottle. The results were wonderful – but they weren’t what I had expected. She said the SAM-e calmed her nerves and gave her a really positive feeling. She’s nervous in the first place, and being an executive at a bank doesn’t help her state of mind. But she reported back to me that SAM-e took the edge right off. Now she’s asking for more. It’s wonderful!" Margarite

"I love the Nature’s Sunshine SAM-e . It’s the best! Other products I’ve tried have tended to make me feel jittery and unsure. This SAM-e has gotten me feeling better FAST. I highly recommend it." Kirstin

"After only one day of FOOD ENZYMES , I can’t believe how much better I feel. I have desired so much less food today. I had a couple slices of toast for lunch and was totally satisfied. I made bread pudding today and had a small amount for supper and am not hungry at all. No burping either! So, it seems I’ve hit upon something to cut my appetite so I can eat less and assimilate it better, which should get some of this weight off. Thanks for explaining the connection between digesting food and cutting appetite." R.S.
"After trying everything for arthritis and sciatica , my wife convinced me to try Ayurvedic Joint Health . Within a couple of weeks I had improved so much that I moved my office furniture and equipment without pain and am now able to walk without a limp. When I stopped taking Ayurvedic Joint Health the symptoms returned." B. Morris

"I had sold a man 2 bottles of Joint Support for arthritis to which he had minimal results. After only a week on Ayurvedic Joint Health he has been singing its praises………I also had a young woman with bursitis to the point that her shoulder had ‘dropped.’ Within a week of starting Ayurvedic Joint Health ( she was so much better that her shoulder regained its normal position and she was able to stop taking her medication for pain." G. Pace

"My job requires that I bend my knees a lot. When I took Nature’s Sunshine’s SAM-e I felt that my discomfort reduced enormously." Lillian

"I was having pain in my hands, wrists and ankle joints. The doctor took x-rays and blood work. It was hard for the nurse to find my veins, and after trying 6 times the doctor came in and said I had small veins. The next appointment returned the test results of ‘maybe lupus or degenerative arthritis.’ The doctor scheduled more x-rays and nerve study. The pain I was having was so intense that I did not want to get up and walk. My hands and wrist would swell and hurt so badly.

One day I saw a book on the desk about herbs and found that the ‘herb angel’ (as I call her) had left it. I told her that I was having trouble with my bowels and she gave me Cascara Sagrada to try for the weekend. It worked so well so that I told her what the doctor had said and asked if she had any herbs that would help. She said it would take more than one product, but that Nature’s Sunshine products would help. I started on the following products: SC Formula , THIM-J , Yucca, Skeletal Strength , Chlorophyll, Lemon Essential Oil in Massage Oil to apply it. I started feeling better in a couple of days. When the doctor’s appointment arrived a couple of weeks later, I didn’t want to go back, so I changed my appointment. After about a month of taking the products, I returned to the doctor who drew more blood finding the vein without a problem. She stepped back and asked what I’d been doing since she and the nurse were totally amazed. She ordered more x-rays of my hands and wrists and called me in a couple of days to tell me that the blood work was all fine and there was a tremendous amount of difference in the x-rays from the previous ones. She told me to keep doing what I was doing. I feel so much better. I walk four miles a day now. Thanks to the Herbal Angel." V. A.

"I’ve been on medication since age two for asthma, a total of 29 years. I was on "every medicine known – shots and all. I was also using an expensive prescription spray 15-30 times a day. Before Christmas I began taking ALJ and SINUS SUPPORT . I began noticing results immediately and chose to get off my medication. I did fine. I have added CHICKWEED to my program. Now, two months later, I use the spray only occasionally and am able to do some of the things I’ve never been able to do. My wife says, ‘He’s better than he’s ever been since I’ve known him.’" T. Nimmons

"My daughter asked me to try herbs for my asthma and difficult breathing. I didn’t have any energy trying to breathe all the time. I bought Ayurvedic Bronchial Formula and it has done an excellent job. I’m able to breathe and go again." Customer of The Herbs Place

"I began using ALJ, RED CLOVER and a good CLEANSE for my system, and noticed relief right from the start. I was able to give up the breathing machine and stop using medication. Friends and family were commenting that I was looking better. I recently went back to the doctor for a checkup and he asked me if I was using the medicine and machine and I said I wasn’t, so he said for me to keep doing whatever it was I was doing." Hilda Collett

"I just wanted to tell you that the BLACK WALNUT EXTRACT worked on my athlete’s foot. I guess since I am pregnant I am "hormonally predisposed" to it right now. I couldn’t get rid of it and my doctor didn’t want to put me on anti-fungal medication until after the baby is born. I was getting Athlete’s Foot a lot in my last pregnancy as well. I put the Black Walnut Extract on at night and used a nail brush on my feet in the morning and powdered the heck out of my shoes with AF powder. The results were pretty dramatic and I am happy." Kellie

"My hubby, a natural skeptic about herbs, broke out with athlete’s foot a few weeks ago. He allowed me to put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil on the problem. I massaged the oil into the area and overnight the athlete’s foot was gone!" A.K.

"My teenager was still wetting the bed nightly. I’d tried other things, but read that a blood sugar problem sometimes causes this. So I began giving him SPIRULINA at bedtime. That night it stopped and it’s been three weeks since we’ve had a problem." A Happy Mom

BIRTH CONTROL ALTERNATIVE "In reference to a previous newsletter on natural birth control, I want to share my knowledge of the Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning (NFP). The way NFP works is by being aware of the fertility signals in a woman’s body and using them to either conceive or postpone a pregnancy. It is 99% effective, just like the chemical methods of birth control. Hormonal changes in the woman’s body produce measureable signs of fertility. There is an abstinence period for about a week. Believe it or not, this time turns out to be such a blessing. It forces the couple to communicate and to express their love in a non-sexual way. You end up having a time of "courtship" and anticipation, plus a honeymoon during every cycle. The percentage of divorce among couples practicing NFP is surprisingly low – only about 5%.

Thanks to NFP, I confirmed that I had an underactive thyroid and corrected it naturally with herbs. I’ve corrected many small things during my cycle by learning what should be happening and what shouldn’t. I’ve corrected excessive bleeding with herbs.

It also, helps determine the baby’s due date accurately. This can be important in some cases, especially for women with irregular cycles like me. With my third child, I had gestational diabetes and she was going to be induced on the due date. The due date given to me by the doctor was Aug. 5th. Because I knew when she was conceived and when she was due – Aug 28, I requested an ultrasound. The ultrasound confirmed my dates and that is the day she was born—without induction! NFP has forever changed our lives! We’ve changed the way we see children, the way we see each other, and the way we see God in our lives. I pray this will be of benefit to many more." Giselle A. – Recommended book: Fertility, Cycles, & Nutrition

"I was bitten by some sort of insect while asleep, but I certainly noticed the bite. I thought it would go away like most bites do, but it kept got redder, sorer, and harder. After a couple of weeks I was worried and put BLACK OINTMENT on. Two days later I could squeeze out a bunch of pus and blood. I continued using Black Ointment and squeezing out more yuk each time until it healed. Black ointment worked great for a bite that I left go much too long. I should’ve put it on right away to draw out those poisons immediately." P.N.

"I had a history of kidney and bladder infections. After four weeks of antibiotics the infections came back. I couldn’t stand or lie down or breathe without pain. After months of using antibiotics I decided to listen to my mom who had sent me URINARY MAINTENANCE . I took it in large quantities since it was herbs and nutrients. It did the job. I was able to stand up without any pain and the infection was gone!" D. C.

"My daughter had recurrent Urinary Tract Infections. She’d been on mega doses of antibiotics for 7 years, had several surgeries, and still had constant infections. We began giving her UVA URSI, PROACTAZYME and CALCIUM PLUS and for 5 months she had no infections. She stopped taking the products and in 2 months had a major infection. The doctor at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham wanted her back on the herbs." S.H.

"Can I tell you how much better my bones and bladder feel? I had a real scare a month ago and thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. I never told anyone, just took like 30 Horsetail and Cornsilk a day for a week and it got better, but I was in horrible pain. I knew it was self-inflicted and I thought to myself, "well, you can keep this up and end up at a urologist one day where they have to do surgery to your bladder or put you on drugs for the spasms, or … you can take care of yourself." I decided I liked the latter. I want to go through my whole life without having to have surgery on anything…smart choice eh? I have lost 10 lbs in one month by leaving off pop, coffee and desserts. I wake up with energy, instead of that horrible fog and I can urinate again. How nice. My biggest help was when Louise gave me a program when we were in Charleston and Horsetail and Cornsilk are what really works. I have to take a lot, about 10 a day for maintenance, but I have long pretty nails and my bones like it too. Isn’t it nice getting those side-effects that are great instead of those that are awful from drugs?" Happy from Chicago

"I have always been a blood donator, but many times I couldn’t donate because of a low blood count (red cells or something). I have been drinking LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL for awhile now, about three (3) times a week. I gargle and swallow it. Well, last week when I went to donate blood, my blood count was good and I was able to donate! I think it’s because of the chlorophyll building my blood." R. S.

"I was using medication for high blood pressure for 1-1/2 years. I began using CAPSICUM, GARLIC & PARSLEY COMBINATION and HS II and noticed a big difference in 2-3 months. Six months after beginning the herbs, I was off medication. I still use these two products off and on to prevent the problem from reoccurring." M. Belser

"I began using LIV-J and LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL to get off of blood pressure medication. My reading was 160/110. My blood pressure dropped to 100/70, my cholesterol went from 270 to 160 and my liver enzymes had been 3 times what they were supposed to be and when retested showed up as normal. I’m happy!" L. Campbell

"I had a friend with a blood pressure of 290/135 who refused to use medication. He tried CAPSICUM, GARLIC & PARSLEY which he used for 3 days and his blood pressure was 190/80. He’s willing to stay with the herbs." J. R.

"Tim got boils badly in Kenya. When we came home to the states, I was given some BLACK OINTMENT to put on them. It pulled them out with a core, and there would even be a hole for a little while." Paula

"I’ve had problems with breast tumors for the last 15 years. I’ve been to see many doctors and gone through one operation and several aspirations. These treatments were quite painful and accomplished nothing. Doctors recommended complete removal of breast tissue and replacement with silicon. I then had somebody tell me to try herbs . That was 2 years ago. I’ve also changed my diet to more healthful foods . During my last visit to my doctor he discovered my breasts were completely healed. He insisted that I tell him what I had been taking, but when I mentioned herbs, he left the room." G.D.

"I received a jar of GOLDEN SALVE and decided to try it on the broken blood vessels on my face. I thought they were going away, but was sure they were after my husband noticed and mentioned it to me." Jeanette

"Praise God for prayer and the herbs! Getting out of the car I really twisted my ankle. The doctor said it was broken with sprained ligaments and tendons and a chipped fracture on the outside of the ankle. He put a cast on January 25th for about 6 weeks. I went to The Herbs Place and bought some Bone/Skin Poultice and PLS II, both bone-knitting formulas. I began taking them, one of each 3x/day. February 10th I went for my check-up. They removed the cast and I actually walked to get x-rays. They decided not to put the cast back on after only 2-1/2 weeks! I began using 2-3x/day of each product knowing I would need even more support without the cast for the rest of the healing process." S.O’Brien

"My neighbor had broken bones from the thumb to the wrist. The doctor said a cast would need to be on for 12 wks. He tried PLS II and CALCIUM PLUS . After 4-5 weeks he returned to the Dr. who took an x-ray and was amazed to find the hand healed!" G. Trammell

BRONCHITIS "My mother was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and for the past two or three winters she has had to enter the emergency room for breathing treatments for a few hours. I started giving her (NSP) Ayurvedic Bronchial Formula the summer of 1998, so therefore, when winter came she did not have a breathing attack. First, I am thankful to God, then to Donna, who told me about the herb. My husband takes it too and it is wonderful!" P. C. Wilson

"Toree’s little bottom is clearing up and is almost totally clear after only two days of using GOLDEN SALVE !! She has no more itching or soreness or anything now! What a blessing!!! One bump is completely gone, one other is almost gone and a third is about half way there. The other rash she had along with the bumps is barely visible now. She is now excited about putting medicine on her hiney because she feels so much better." Tammy

J.M. has a long history of canker sores. His wife has been a customer for two years and has tried L-Lysine , B-Complex and watching his diet for the mouth sores. His sores would even go down his throat. He tired VS-C and the results were excellent.

"I have a long history of canker sores and have had as many as nine in my mouth at one time. Even drinking water was painful. I waited until I started to get a sore before I started using the VS-C . My canker sores can last up to two weeks. This time it never really got larger than the size of a pinhead and there wasn’t any pain or discomfort and all the signs were gone in four days. Also, since using the formula I have not had the frequency of the canker sores nor the severity." K.L.

"I was having a lot of health problems for which the doctors could give me no help, so I was referred to a psychiatrist. I met someone who encouraged me to take a natural approach suggesting I make some dietary changes and I began using supplements and herbs. I used CAPRYLIMUNE to kill yeast along with PAU D’ARCO . I used lots of NUTRI CALM since my adrenals were depleted and my body was in such an exhausted state. I used ECHINACEA to fight infections. I had been on antibiotics for many years. I used BIFIDOPHILUS to replace the good bacteria, and added CITRUS BIOFLAVONOIDS and SUPER SUPPLEMENTAL for nutritional support. I was having much more energy, no aches and pains, and no infections. It’s now been 2-1/2 years without antibiotics which is a miracle in itself." P.S.

"This has worked for every single client I’ve had with this, bar none. My dad was on verge of surgery and he was almost 100% in 3 weeks. He and other have taken Yucca – 6 a day, Alfalfa – 6 a day, 2 Vitamin B6 with 1 B Complex three times a day." Nolee

"I had an injury to my knee and was in extreme pain. The Orthopedist diagnosed it as "torn knee cartilage." His suggestion was to go home and take NSAID’s (Tylenol, etc.) for two weeks and if there was no change, to have arthroscopic surgery. I felt that was an awfully dramatic approach and decided to use the two weeks and do something "alternative." I used TEI FU LOTION and kept it on my knee 3-5 times a day and kept my knee wrapped during the day with a slight pressure bandage. I kept it elevated as much as possible and tried to do as little walking as possible. I also began taking Nature’s Sunshine CALCIUM PLUS , 4 per night at bedtime. I noticed almost instantly that I was sleeping much better. I am three weeks out now and am walking normally and can climb steps with barely a twinge in my knee. I am pain free and really glad I didn’t succumb to knee surgery." K.S. Atlanta, GA

"I had been using herbs and supplements for many of my health problems, so I decided to try the same approach for cataracts. I used EW combination of herbs which I made into an eyewash (brewing it 2 capsule to 1/2 c. of boiling water and making it fresh every 4 days). Using an eye cup, I washed my eyes 2-3 times a day for several months until I no longer had the cataracts. I was taking 6 capsules a day internally also. There were periods of days where so much mucus and matter came out of my eyes I had to rinse them every few hours." John Powell

4/90 – "Thanks for data received on EW . After considerable thought I’ve decided to try some eyewash and capsules as I have nothing to lose. I’ve probably had congenital cataracts all or most of my life.

9/90 – "Since I saw you last I appear to have made further progress with my eyes. For about a week I’ve been able to read, knit, etc. more comfortably and for longer periods. Last Sunday after breakfast I had a visual disturbance in both eyes (flickering lines of light) which lasted about half an hour. I used to get them before a migraine headache. I did not get a headache this time! When my eyes did clear and I was able to read, I studied my herb books and discovered that Diabetes is one complaint that can be cured by Goldenseal.

1/91 – "I can’t wait to tell you the glad tidings! This morning I checked my vision and I can now see clearly out of both eyes! I still have a slight problem with watery eyes, probably due to the glare this time of year, I’m working on that. Diabetes settling down nicely on Pro-Pancreas . I’m so happy with the progress." R.K.

"I was given a bottle of CELLU_SMOOTH to try and I absolutely love it! Not only has it greatly diminished the appearance of cellulite on my thighs, but it makes me feel wonderful. I was amazed that after about three days, the back of my legs looked much smoother. Now that I have taken almost the entire bottle, my legs look as smooth as they were when I was in high school! And it makes me feel like I’m in balance." Debra Taramona "I recently tried a bottle of Cellu-Smooth , and I LOVE IT! After I had taken it for only a few days, my husband noticed a difference. It really works! I’ve used the whole bottle and I want more." Lora Slaughter

"I must tell you, I used that GOLDEN SALVE on my perpetually dry lips and they are not dry today! I can never keep them moist or free of chapping and peeling even when I constantly use something on them. Just thought you would like to know of a success that you can share with others." Tammy L.

"I began taking Pau d’Arco to prevent some of the side effects of chemotherapy. When I read about Pau d’Arco it said it gets your bowels moving. I had problems with constipation and LBSII just made me cramp too much even at 1 per day. Since I’ve been on Pau d’Arco at 1/2 teaspoon three times a day, I have 1-2 movements a day, plus I have a an overall general good feeling." D.M.

"My older daughter slammed the door on Sarah’s fingers, my two year old daughter. She didn’t realize it at first as she walked away, so it took about 20 seconds of Sarah screaming and jumping up and down for her to realize what she had done. Sarah’s first and second knuckles on the fingers had deep indentations and she was screaming with pain. I used 4 drops of Helichrysum on them in 10 seconds she stopped crying. There was no bruising or evidence of the accident the next day. It was amazing to me. The following week Nature’s Sunshine had this particular oil on special and I ordered the Buy 4, Get 1 Free special to have this marvelous stuff always on hand. I know that it is an expensive oil, but it is sure worth it! " Wendi Hawn

"I have ordered the Herbasaurs Liquid Multi-Vitamin with Iron for the grandkids. The two-year-olds were eating dirt like candy, so I knew something was lacking, and one of them had terrible dry skin. They have gone through two bottles now, and his dry skin has improved, and they don’t eat the dirt anymore. So thank you for putting "The Herbs Place" on the internet. God bless you and your family." Elly

"I used FAT GRABBERS for 10 days as directed and my cholesterol went from 216 to 194. My blood pressure went from 127 over 75 to 109 over 57. For 5 days I ate regular meals and even ate out 3 times with desserts, then for 5 days I ate like I was dieting and I still lost 3 lbs. and 3-1/2 inches." Virginia Franks "My cholesterol problem began with a reading of 372. My doctor put me on 40 mg. of Mevacor and I was able to get the reading down to 220. HDL – LDL ratio was still not good. I began taking a Nature’s Sunshine herb & supplement program in April 1990 consisting of:
LECITHIN – 2-2X/day   
NIACIN – 1-2x/day    
OMEGA 3 EPA – 1-2x/day    
LIV-J – 3-2x/day     Two months later I went for another blood test and received these results:
Cholesterol – 163 (Normal is 160-200)
Triglycerides – 182 (Normal is 60-290)
HDL – 36 (Normal is 3-70)
LDL – 98 (Normal 90-130)

I’m still on the program and have been able to keep my cholesterol within the Normal Ranges (182) and have relaxed my diet." Ray W.

" My cholesterol was 400 with triglycerides of 3,000. Not a great picture of health. I decided to do something naturally since I didn’t like the long list of side effects when I read about the drugs. I chose CHOLESTER-REG and also did some liver cleansing with LIV-J . In less than three (3) months, my test results showed the cholesterol was down to 220 and the triglycerides down to an amazing 300. I like doing it the natural way!" D. L.

"I decided to try VS-C LIQUID for Chronic Fatigue. For the first three days I felt worse, and then after that it made such a difference. When I ran out I really noticed the difference. A week later I was back in bed. I decided to make the 45-mile drive to get more and sign up for wholesale membership so I could have it come to my house." Brenda M.   

"A man named Dean could barely walk with a cane when he entered my store. His doctor had told him he would have to amputate his leg due to severe lack of circulation. His other leg was just a little better. We talked about building health in the Circulatory System using BUTCHER’S BROOM , MEGA-CHEL , and OMEGA-3 EPA . He Started on them right away. He came back a week later walking without a cane! He was ecstatic about how much better his legs were feeling. A week after that he was walking everywhere without pain. Then one day he came in complaining his legs were feeling like they were just "waking up" – a tingling, painful feeling. I told him to be patient and the feeling would go away. He went back to the doctor who confirmed that he no longer needed the amputation. It’s been almost two years and Dean is still taking maintenance amounts of Mega-Chel and Butcher’s Broom faithfully. He literally bounces into my store to buy them." L.H.

"I had a black and blue toenail due to lack of circulation because of a diabetic condition. The same toe was numb. I used VARIGONE for one week (taking two capsules twice a day) and the black and blue went away and the numbness was gone too." James A.  

"I’ve always had problems with my ankles swelling and my legs hurting from the pressure build-up. I decided to use VARIGONE™ to get rid of some varicose veins and for circulation to my legs. After taking for only a week, I noticed my legs didn’t hurt as much and the swelling was down in my ankles. In only a little more time, all pain was gone and I’m no longer battling with the leg and ankle problem." Brenda R.

"I just mopped the kitchen floor in a gallon of water, a squirt of Sunshine Concentrate and 7 drops of Lemon Essential Oil . I really like using bleach because it disinfects, but I know it is so bad, so I’m trying the Lemon Oil which smells so wonderful that it makes my mouth water! A really nice benefit is that the floor is not sticky or slippery which is the typical problem with chemical floor cleaners and the bleach leaves a residue that I have to rinse off. No rinsing with Sunshine Concentrate and Lemon Oil. It sure is nice to smell lemon and feel refreshed after mopping the floor instead of dazed out from bleach vapors." Robin

"I finished the Clean Start program and I feel much better. I think it would benefit anyone to go on it. I have my hubby on the Chinese Para-Cleanse . He is a truck driver and has always had bouts with constipation due to the nature of his work and the fact he drinks too much coffee and not enough water. In just 3 or 4 days he can tell a difference and feels good and is eliminating more regularly. I would recommend this program to people who don’t have ready access at all times to a bathroom, as you will need one handy at all times on the Clean Start program ." Marcia

"From the very first day of the CLEAN START Cleansing Program I had a lot of bowel movements. I could tell it was really cleaning me out. On the second day I felt a bit tired with nausea. On the third day I began cleansing through mucus drainage. The fourth day my energy kicked in and I noticed that my stress level had greatly improved. Everything seemed brighter and I felt so relaxed and calm. From the fifth day on I woke up in the morning without brain fog. I used to be groggy before and now it’s gone in the mornings and no brain fog during the day.

I took nothing else but this program so that I could see what it would do on its own. I like this so much better than any other cleanse that I’ve ever done. I used apple juice for the powder packet part of the program which made it taste okay. This is not an isolated experience since a friend of mine took CleanStart™ also at the same time and experienced the same pattern of symptoms. We are both elated with the results this cleanse has given us." Virginia

"I have been doing the Clean Start Cleanse Package and really enjoying it. My husband and I have both been amazed at the amount of "results" we have noticed in the toilet. I am sleeping like a baby and I used to have to take herbs at bedtime to sleep. My skin actually feels softer and I definitely have more energy. My husband says I am more fiesty because my brain is clearer. We have used many of the Nature’s Sunshine products, but this is the first one my husband has actually talked about at the office." Maggie

"My daughter, Breanna, has had 2 colds in the past 2 months and I started taking VITAMIN C and ECHINACEA/GOLDENSEAL and managed to stay healthy through both. Then I have friends who are always sick with the flu and I really can’t remember the last time I really was sick. Prevention is the best medicine!" Gay C.

"I had forgotten how wonderful ALJ was till I caught this cold. This firm seems to have a lot of bugs floating around! Anyway…..just two taken and within 15 minutes my nose stops running and I can catch my breath. Since I’ve got an Herbal Medicine Chest recommended on your website, I had some! It really does work! I had forgotten how good it is! The Tei Fu oil is great for opening my sinuses and lungs for ease of breathing and easing the sinus pressure. I’m going to begin pumping Citrus Bioflavnoids , Vitamin A , and Zinc too. I hate having a cold!" From The Firm :-)

"I was applying for additional life insurance, when the person desperately asked where the bathroom was. After returning she explained she had colitis and there wasn’t a cure for it. I I told her about herbs. She took some products and gave this ‘natural approach’ a try. She used CLT-X and SLIPPERY ELM , 2 capsules three times a day of each. She also used 2 capsules of ACIDOPHILUS in the morning and at bed. She was having results before finishing the first set of bottles. She has since bought these products for others in a colitis support group and they’re having similar results." J.Robertson

"From the very first day of the CleanStart™ Cleansing Program I had a lot of bowel movements. I could tell it was really cleaning me out. On the second day I felt a bit tired with nausea. On the third day I began cleansing through mucus drainage. The fourth day my energy kicked in and I noticed that my stress level had greatly improved. Everything seemed brighter and I felt so relaxed and calm. From the fifth day on I woke up in the morning without brain fog. I used to be groggy before and now it’s gone in the mornings and no brain fog during the day.

I took nothing else but this program so that I could see what it would do on its own. I like this so much better than any other cleanse that I’ve ever done. I used apple juice for the powder packet part of the program which made it taste okay.

This is not an isolated experience since a friend of mine took CleanStart™ also at the same time and experienced the same pattern of symptoms. We are both elated with the results this cleanse has given us." Virginia

"I was in a car wreck years ago and had constant pain in my neck and shoulders. I had massage and chiropractic adjustments regularly. Somebody gave me NUTRI CALM . I took them and the pain was gone in 45 minutes. I’ve been taking Nutri Calm for two years and have no pain and full range of motion in my neck!" P.K.

"My husband and I both had root canal work the same week and were in a lot of pain, but didn’t want to take the prescription medication from the dentist. I stopped into "The Herbs Place" and asked what we could use for pain. I was directed to VAL EXTRACT to use topically and to be swallowed. This worked great for both of us and we were able to avoid the medication." M.M.

"I have had problems with my bowels for a long time. I have to keep up the whole grains to keep moving along. Recently, I had a bit of a challenge getting my bowels moving at all. I felt like I was swelling up and about to burst. I got some LBS II , a lower bowel cleanser, and got started on it. Although I started about a week into the problem, it did the job and got me back into being regular again. I like it because it’s potent enough to work, but gentle enough not to gripe (if you drink plenty of water with it), and it isn’t habit-forming." R.S.

"I’m allergic to cigarette smoke and because I work where there is smoke, I developed a coughing problem that persisted for 2-1/2 months. I used cough medicines and cough drops continually without much results. I stopped into The Herbs Place and talked with Randal about it and I decided to use ALJ . After taking it for only a day, my coughing stopped. I have continued to take it daily and I don’t have the problem any more. Since I am still working in a smoke environment, the problem returns when I stop the herbs. At least I’ve found a solution and I no longer have sinus problems either." MB

"Lena Gilbert had been going to doctors for quite some time with her lung and breathing problems. She was always very short-winded and coughed nearly all the time. The doctor told her if the medication didn’t work, he’d have to do a biopsy. Seven years earlier the doctors had told her husband the same thing, performed a biopsy and was told it was cancer and that he had only a few months to live. Seven hours later he died. So she began seeking another way. She heard about herbs and took 2 LH and 1 LOBELIA four times a day. On the third day she could take a deep breath, hardly coughing, after walking 18 blocks. She had a heart condition and was supposed to walk but hadn’t been able to. Now she is walking and using the herbs to feed her body and correct her problems." B. C.

"My daughter Yvonne was left with a nagging cough after all the illnesses. I was also concerned because she looked very thin and pale…..I gave her ECHINACEA/GOLDEN SEAL for about a week along with VITAMIN C and her Multi-Vitamins . I also added ROSE HIPS and KELP – one capsule of each twice a day. The cough is gone and she looks so much better." G.A.

"While we were on vacation last fall and I ended up cutting my finger to the bone. Unfortunately when I packed I didn’t include the cayenne pepper so had to do other things to get the bleeding stopped. After the bleeding was stopped I put TEI-FU oil on the cut and kept that on with a band-aid overnight. The next morning I took the band-aid off and was very surprised to find the cut had sealed closed and stayed that way. There was no pain to speak of unless I bumped it but even then it stayed closed. I continued to put the oil on 3-4 times a day for about 4 days and had no problems at all. This was the first time I had used Tei-Fu Oil that way and was very impressed.

I have continued using it on other cuts as it takes the pain away and speeds healing. Just last night my cat jumped on my shoulder, accidentally clawing me on the cheek and neck. After cleaning the blood away, on went the Tei-Fu Oil (and I do use it straight). This morning no redness or soreness and well on its way to healing." Debbie

"Yesterday I spent 1-1/2 hours in my dentist’s chair in order to have temporary crown work done. Because of prayer and your wonderful herbs, I came through the ordeal in a calm way. I didn’t have as much pain either. This is what I am taking: OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT , BLACK WALNUT , COENZYME Q10 , ANTIOXIDANTS , BEE POLLEN , FLAX SEED , LIQUID CALCIUM , SPIRULINA and LIQUID MINERALS . My dentist is an alternative dentist. He was very pleased with my taking the BLACK WALNUT and OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT . He recommended VITAMIN C also. I also rinse my mouth with TEA TREE OIL and water. It all helps." Mary Ann

(ABC News) A recent study has found more to cheer about. Researchers at Harvard University’s McLean Hospital studied 30 patients with bipolar disorders, characterized by chronic bouts of mania and depression. Half of the patients received fish oil supplements, and half received a placebo. It was found that the fish oil patients showed marked improvements over a four-month period. Lead researcher Andrew Stoll speculates that the Omega-3 EFAs in the fish oil are able to block the abnormal signals in the brain that are suspected to be present in bipolar disorders. While the study was small, it has been hailed as a landmark for its investigation into the effect of omega-3 fatty acids on the brain. Unfortunately, it seems doubtful that any drug company will fund fish oil studies, as natural products can’t be patented and so won’t bring in profits.

"I had a blood sugar reading of 340 in March 1989. I was using oral medication and a strict diet, however, the blood sugar remained high. The doctor was ready to begin insulin injections when I decided to try the herbs. I used TARGET P-14 and Pro-Pancreas , taking 3 of each 4X/day. June 1989, my blood sugar was 143. The doctor told me to keep up what I was doing. At my August checkup my blood sugar was 83. The doctor said, "That’s incredible!" I had the herbs along to show what I was doing. The doctor couldn’t believe it. He looked at the bottles and said there wasn’t anything in them that could hurt me and suggested I keep on doing what I was doing. My wife, Ethel, says, "We know what we’ve been doing and what we’ve been eating and nothing has been any different other than the herbs." Jim Johnson

"I began TARGET P-14 and Pro-Pancreas (3-3x/day) on Saturday. Monday at the doctor my sugar was over 500. The following Monday my sugar was 104. I continued 3-3x/day for a few weeks and have cut back to 2-3x/day as a maintenance program." D.Tipper

"We have a wonderful lady who keeps our home clean and looking good. We enjoy helping her in any way we can, so we suggested she try some herbs for her diabetes since she was struggling under the expense of buying insulin. We had seen another friend use herbs with great success and wanted to see her do well also. She agreed. We bought the herbs and she began taking Pro-Pancreas and TARGET P-14 twice a day. It’s now about two months later and she’s cut her insulin needs in half." R&J

"Mary Anne had a case of diaper rash like none of our other children. We tried Desitin and a few others with short term success but the severity and frequency of incidences seemed to increase. Then we discovered herbs! We applied some GOLDEN SALVE to the rash and it immediately soothed her, but with a day, she began to blister with oozing sores in the diaper area and that lasted a few days and then it all healed up. Understanding natural health solutions about this made us realize that the blistering was the body’s way of getting out all of the build up of toxins that the other creams had suppressed." Mac C.

"It is still with amazment that I think of how long I suffered with diarrhea before meeting you and trying the herbs to stop it. My life has been so much richer since getting on the right "medication," which is, of course, not medicine at all. The doctors had me on so many things and nothing was working. I can now plan my life around something other than a bathroom. Thanks for everything! I am now retired and traveling and could never have done this without a solution that God’s herbs provided. I am enjoying my grandchildren and looking forward to my first great grandchild with renewed spirit. The program I used was this: BOWEL BUILD (2 capsules with morning meal and 3 capsules with evening meal), PARSLEY (2 capsules with morning meal and 2 capsules with evening meal), and BLACK CURRANT OIL (2 capsules with morning meal and 2 capsules with evening meal). I tried different combinations of this and different dosages but this is what worked for me. Praise the Lord! I am forever grateful. I only pray that my story will help someone else that has reached the end of their "rope" as I had." R.G.

"I was dipping snuff for 20 years and wanted to quit. It was such an addiction and I used to hide it, but it got so bad that I would do it in the grocery store, at work, any where! I stopped in "The Herbs Place" and was looking around at the information and saw something to quit smoking. I decided to give it a try. I bought LOBELIA/ST. JOHN’S WORT combination. I used two that evening before bed and prayed that the Lord would give me a sign that it was going to work. When I woke up, I reached for the snuff to get myself out of bed. I suddenly realized that I didn’t feel like I needed it, so I didn’t use it. I continued to take the LOBELIA/ST. JOHN’S WORT as directed and have never touched the snuff again. I just don’t need it!" Betty

"I had this condition for 8 years and had to go every 6 mo. to remove the polyps (38 the first time and a few less thereafter) until I was down to once a year. I was having constant diarrhea also. I began taking 1 BOWEL BUILD , 2 BLACK CURRANT OIL , and 2 PARSLEY twice a day. The diarrhea stopped and I’m having two regular BM’s a day. At my annual check-up there was only 1 polyp and the Dr. said keeping doing what I’m doing. I certainly will." R.G.

"My son and I both have been taking the SUPER GLA  for three weeks and four weeks respectively. From what I thought, it would be like taking the BLACK CURRANT OIL and would take about six weeks to really get into our systems. My son has such a bad skin problem that he is already seeing some help though. With the weather getting cold several times his hands would have had small cracks that would bleed. That is embarrassing for someone working in a banking situation handling paperwork, trying to keep the blood off the paper. His back would even dryout, turn red and chapped looking and hurt. He would have to calculate when he excercised so that he only took one shower each day or his back would hurt something awful. After being on the Super GLA for three weeks, his hands don’t look terribly chapped but do lookdry. That is an improvement already." Ginny T.

"My 20-year-old son made it all through school with dyslexia. He couldn’t see certain letters. He never made better than a "C" on his report card. I’m so proud of him. He made it to community college this semester. He started using GINKGO – GOTU KOLA CONCENTRATE and NUTRI CALM . He found himself reading and writing better. For the first time in his life, he got two A’s – one in Western Civilization, the other in Calculus. I’m going to continue supplying him with these supplements to see if we can make even more progress." J.K.


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