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Success Stories M-R โ€“ Read About Natural Solution Results

Success Stories M-R
Read About Natural Solution Results


Keep in mind that these are personal testimonials. These are not health claims for any of the products shown. We provide them for an educational understanding of how herbs and supplemens can be used. These success stories have been submitted to us over the years at our retail store and more recently via email. Please add common sense when using natural remedies.

For more information on the products, search for the product name on The Herbs Place site. Due to FDA and FTC laws we can’t provide a direct link to the products

MENOPAUSE, Beginning
"I’m in the beginning stages of menopause and have been taking FEMALE COMFORT , 4 capsules a day and during the rougher times 6 a day. It keeps me on an even keel with a much better frame of mind and has shortened the duration of my cycles. I noticed I haven’t had the headaches either. My husband has noticed I’m much calmer on it. I’ll be keeping it around for a while I think!!" D.H.

No Period – "My daughter hadn’t had a menstrual period for a year. She began taking BLACK CURRANT OIL to balance the glandular system and after 2-3 weeks, she began her period." J.Holt


Severe Cramps – "I had severe cramps and used 4 MAGNESIUM in the herbal base and 6 CHAMOMILE . I did the same in an hour and was fine till morning when I did the same and had the same results." Marie

Excessive Bleeding – "I met a friend for lunch and we talked about "everything" …….one of the things she told me was that the RED RASPBERRY capsules I gave her were wonderful! She had problems with excessive bleeding and lack of energy the first two days of her period. Her doctor gave her iron supplements to compensate for the monthly loss of blood. I had experienced the excessive bleeding after having a child and took care of it with the Red Raspberry. I had a bottle left over, so I gave it to her to try and today she said it was wonderful! The bleeding had been more reasonable and she was able to go about her business as usual. She said it was GREAT! Isn’t that awesome? I love being able to help others……especially when it’s so simple! Praise God!" G.A.

"I experienced a real lift with Nature’s Sunshine’s SAM-e . I had started to spiral downward mentally, and in four days the SAM-e pulled me out of it. I was also experiencing difficulty sleeping at night. I often got only four hours of sleep. After being on SAM-e for two weeks, I could sleep from 11 PM to 8 AM. My body was able to catch up on the sleep it had missed. Now I get a restful sleep each night. I’m not going to stop taking this stuff." Tom M. (NSP Manager Extra, August 2000)

"I have suffered from migraines since I was 13. I get the "classic" type with auras, foggy vision, neon geometric shapes in my field of vision, nausea, and acute sensitivity to light and sound. I stumbled onto the solution when I took 4 Stress-J for a tension headache. Within an hour it was gone. So, at the first sign of my next migraine, which was 8 a.m. one morning, I took 4 Stress-J , 2 FEVERFEW and 2 GINGER (for the nausea) and laid back down for about an hour until the symptoms were gone. About three hours later I took the same and continued to repeat this every 3 hours till bed. The migraine never returned. I’ve been suffering from migraines for 20 years and now I control them instead of them controlling me." Cheri A.

"I want to praise your product, TOFU MOO . My husband and I have decided to eliminate dairy products from our diet. Neither of us can properly digest them and we are also very concerned with the routine growth hormone supplementation and antibiotic use by the dairy industry. We have tried several soy and rice-based milk substitutes before, including Rice Dream, Soy Dream, Naturasoy, Vitasoy, Edensoy, and Westbrae. All of them were marginally acceptable, but we were not pleased with any one product overall. They were either too watery, too "beany"-tasting, too gray-looking, or too oily. The Tofu Moo is the closest to real milk we have found. It is creamy, white, and delicious. We have used it in coffee, on cereal, in home baked blueberry muffins, to make a fruit smoothie, and to make a vegetable curry dish. In every case, we used it exactly as we would milk, with delicious results. Thank you so much for this product –we love it! Now, we can have a good tasting milk substitute that allows us to keep to our principles of deleting dairy products from our diets while still enjoying the taste of "real milk." MJ

"Some miscarriages are caused by women not having enough hormones. The progesterone hormone helps the uterus prepare for a pregnancy so it can carry a baby. X-A combination has been used to help that situation." Donna Watkins

"My husband had a "black velvet pimple", as big as a nickel for 10 years. It got so nasty looking, I was very worried. The doctor said, "If it doesn’t bother you, don’t bother it." I begged my husband to rub PAU D’ARCO LOTION on it 3-4 tims a day or more. He did and took PAU D’ARCO capsules internally as well for a week, but used the lotion continually on the black thing. In 3 months time, it was gone and no sign of it ever being there. Thank the Lord!" JT

"In regards to the moles and BLACK OINTMENT , it did take a while, and at first, it didn’t seem to be doing anything. I had read that people with skin tags had used it to remove them, so I started putting it on my moles. There really wasn’t much pain, and when they finally fell off, I didn’t realize it til looking in the mirror one morning. I noticed during the process, that each one I applied it to started to shrink. Then off they came! None that I applied it to have returned, and it’s been a while since I used this. It does require consistent application however, meaning I used it morning & night." Yna

I want to give you a testimony about BLACK OINTMENT . I have applied it (twice a day) to some raised moles and other moles and some of them have fallen off and the others are shrinking. It is amazing!! It also heals scars, burns, cuts, and everything very quickly!! Thank you Lord for your wonderful healing!! T eresa

"My husband has always had a unique metabolism, and sometimes this affects his moods. I gave hima bottle of Nature’s Sunshine’s SAM-e , and an hour after taking his very first capsules, he started feeling the effects. His energy level rose right away and he was feeling better in no time. I could hardly believe it. When the bottle was empty, he asked for more and got after me because we were out. I guess it’s time to order more SAM-e! " L. Clark

"My son pulled a muscle in his knee playing basketball in school. And every night I have to rub on the TEI FU OIL . He says it really makes it feel a lot better and that he can really tell a difference. Anyone with a teenager can have a hard time finding them to agree on anything, but Kyle really likes the product! I think my family is hooked on Nature’s Sunshine!" L. Calhoun

"I began putting TEA TREE OIL on my nails and the fungus around my cuticles died over night." Kellie

"Our son was 14 when he took a skateboard spill. He came flying down our street and took a spill in front of the new neighbor’s. The daughter was outside and ran in for help since Ben seemed knocked out and bleeding pretty heavily from a deep cut on his forehead. The mother took a towel and got him up and walked him to our house. We were soon to find out that she was a nurse. She asked him if he’d ever had stitches because he was going to need them on this cut. His answer was, "No, ma’am, my Mom doesn’t do stitches, we use herb salve." Well, for new neighbors, I bet that gave them something to discuss over dinner that night.

When she got him to the door he had blood from head to toe and the towel was covered with it too. I thanked her and took him inside to get the bleeding stopped with Capsicum and Goldenseal on it. Randal checked his eyes to see if there was a concussion. We made sure he could stand up okay and got him into the shower to get the blood off so we could see all the damage. "After he was cleaned up we used Golden Salve on all the cuts and bandaged the area on his forehead. I had thrown the towel into the wash while Ben was showering and, of course, with Sunshine Concentrate , all the blood came out. I waited until 24 hours after the accident had occurred and sent Ben down with the clean towel and with his bandage removed and hair combed back! After all, we had to redeem ourselves so these new neighbors wouldn’t think they moved in next to the Adams Family.

"She couldn’t believe how much the wound had healed. Needless to say, over time she became a user of herbs. Five (5) days later the wound was healed with a scar looking like a hairline scratch. Golden Salve has tissue regenerating herbs in it and it does a great job of healing and since it also has herbs with antibiotic properties, it keeps the wound from getting infected." Donna Watkins

"I’d been having a problem with a dwindling milk supply from the time my daughter was 4 months old. She was never satisfied. I purchased some MARSHMALLOW root (the herb!) to see if it would help when she was 6 months old. At first I took 1 capsule 3 times daily and it really helped. Every time she would nurse she would be more and more satisfied. Then at some point I slacked off. When she began not being satisfied again, I realized I hadn’t taken it for awhile. I started taking 2 capsules 2 times daily and noticed a big difference in how long she nursed and that she was satisfied when finished and not screaming for more food. Now I take 2 a day and sometimes 4 if I haven’t had a very good day nutritionally. I can always tell when I skip a day. Thank you for giving me the suggestion!" Tammy


"I began having anxiety attacks six months ago and lots of muscle tension. Two months ago I began taking Nature’s Sunshine’s KAVA KAVA Concentrate. It began helping immediately. I take two a day. I was so thrilled to have an answer to the problem. Then I decided to try other brands for a better price, but they didn’t have the same effect, so I’m back now for more of the Nature’s Sunshine Kava Kava." L.B.

"I would like to tell you a story that I think should be passed along to your other customers. My nephew, who is 3 years old, was playing outside in some standing water. He developed a swollen jaw and my sister took him to the doctor. He informed them that he had parasites in his jaw and gave him some antibiotics which did no good at all. I had some BLACK WALNUT EXTRACT and had them put a few drops in some juice so he would drink it. In two days his jaw was completely down and he was fine. This is great for any kind of parasite infestation. Just wanted to pass this on. Thanks!" Retha A.

"We took our kids camping this past weekend and of course I had my handy little bottle of TEA TREE OIL (I love this stuff). We were camping and when we were taking our tent down, we found we had planted one of our spikes right into a sappy pine root. My husband had sap all over his hand. Well, anyone whoever gets that pine sap on themselves knows it’s very hard to get off. I threw the bottle of TEA TREE OIL to my husband and said, "Try this it works on everything else!" Guess what? He rubbed it into his hands, rinsed with water, and it was gone! So, my advice is, "Don’t leave home without it!" Pam in Atlanta

"My son had pink eye and was sent home from school. I used EW to make an eyewash and dropped it in both eyes on the hour. It only burned a little on the infected one. He only missed one more day of school and was back. It worked so much faster than what I’d used on my daughter before." T.U.

"I had a planter’s wart on the bottom of my left foot that just would not go away. Instead of going to the dermatologist for an acid treatment, my wife wanted to try something "alternative." She put a drop of Nature’s Sunshine TEA TREE OIL on the wart and then followed it up with a dab of Nature’s Sunshine BLACK OINTMENT and then we put a waterproof Band-Aid on it to keep all the "alternative medicine" on it. We did it morning and night, and by the second night (after three treatments), the wart was flat and there was a "divot" in the middle where it looked as if the seed had drawn itself out." Steve

"About four months ago my doctor prescribed Prozac for treating my PMS symptoms (i.e., mood swings, teary days, frustration). I was told it would take a month or two for the medicine to be most effective in my system. Although hesitant, I filled the prescription and began the "treatment." After the first couple months I began feeling sleepy and tired most of the afternoon. Although the PMS symptoms seems a bit better, the constant sleepy and tired feeling seemed to outweigh anything positive about the treatment. I began thinking about alternatives. One afternoon, while waiting on a friend for lunch, I just happened to be parked in front of "The Herbs Place." I went inside and spoke with Randal about my situation. I then purchased a sample pack of the LOBELIA and ST JOHN’S WORT . After consulting my pharmacist about quitting the Prozac, I waited a week for the prescription medicine to clear out of my system and began the Lobelia/St Johns Wort. Since I have been using the St. John’s Wort , I seem to have more energy, can stay awake past 8:30 in the evening, and just feel so much better. The best part is, I am taking something natural for my symptoms now and have not felt better in months." Your friend in health

"I am now eight months pregnant with our third child, and we are planning our first home birth with a traditional midwife who not only is a Spirit-filled Christian but also believes in using herbs. This child took us over a year to conceive. I was having some female problems that weren’t necessarily diagnosed, but I knew that something wasn’t right. I used Damiana at first and then switched to FEMALE COMFORT . I won’t give the herbs full credit because I believe that God was in control of this conception, but the herbs certainly helped get my body in proper working order for a baby." G.M.

"A friend of mine in Brooklyn, NY, had been bothered with prostate problems for years. His problem started to take a turn for the worse and his doctor recommended immediate surgery. That same week he visited my home to pick up HERBAL PUMPKIN, ZINC and P-X . He took them before going to bed. He was able to get a good night’s sleep for the first time in many months. He took the herbal products faithfully every morning, noon and night. His consistency added to the success of the program. After a month or so, a black pus-like substance began to come out of his male organ which continued for several months. We concluded this was the infection coming out of the prostate gland. He continued faithfully and gradually the substance dried up. He feels great today and continues to take P-X daily." A.B.

"My husband pulled "something" in his left shoulder while putting heavy luggage in and out of the car and was in a great deal of pain the following day. I opened my "herbal medicine chest" and gave him two Bone/Skin Poultice , a CHAMOMILE to relax him from the pain, and rubbed the shoulder with TEI FU LOTION twice that day. The following day he was pain-free and back to normal. No doubt, medically this would have been a trip to the Ortho doc for a shot in the shoulder and pain killers or steroids. Hurrah for natural alternatives and the desire the body has to heal itself." R.S.

"Last year I couldn’t shake a respiratory bug even though I had been on Biaxin twice. I tried OLIVE LEAF , and the bug was gone the following day. I am taking it now so I won’t get sick with that bug like I used to every fall and spring." Chatty

"My boss was scheduled for root canal at the dentist but was having pain waiting for the day to arrive. I gave her some of my TEI FU OIL and she rubbed it on the gum surrounding the tooth and in a minute the pain was gone. She continued to use it with success. It’s always nice to help somebody feel better….especially when it’s your boss :-)" R.S.


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